Green Party candidates want clean elections, environment

GLENS FALLS, NY — Green Party gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins and comptroller candidate Mark Dunlea believe that current politicians have failed to clean up Albany. “I think it’s rife with corruption,” Hawkins said Wednesday in an editorial board meeting with The Post-Star. Continue reading

Congressional candidates gear up to face incumbent Hoyer

Some of the candidates challenging Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md., 5th) in his bid for another term in Congress are not hopeful about their chances, but each has his own reasons for launching a campaign.  Pat Elder, the Green Party nominee from St. Mary’s County, said he decided to enter the race after Hoyer’s defense of Israeli military action in Gaza. Elder said he is seeking to draw attention to a number of issues, including campaign finance reform, shutting down the coal-fired plants at Morgantown and Chalk Point, which account for “47 percent of the coal being burned in the state,” “educating the public on the Navy’s disregard of the environment,” cutting “bloated military budgets,” raising taxes on the wealthy and providing Medicare for all. Continue reading

Green Party Candidate in IL-12 says it's time for independent thinking in Congress

WSIL -- While Incumbent Republican Mike Bost and Democrat Brendan Kelly attract most of the attention in Illinois' 12th congressional district, Green Party candidate Randy Auxier says it's time for independent thinking in Washington. Though Green Party candidate Paula Bradshaw received just six percent of the vote in 2016, Auxier believes in today's political climate people are looking for an option outside of Democrats and Republicans  Continue reading

Ocean County Residents Rally For Peace

TOMS RIVER, NJ – All they were saying was give peace a chance. More than 50 people came out to chant, sing, and discuss the need and benefits of ending all wars to make the world a better place during a rally held in front of the Toms River Township Municipal building on Washington Street. The rally, which included music, numerous signs, posters and banners and a march around the sidewalk of the downtown area, was hosted by the Green Party of Ocean County. The rally was co-hosted and included speakers from Our Revolution Ocean County, Green Party of Monmouth County, Industrial Union Council, Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War, Coalition for Peace Action, New Jersey Revolution Radio, Help Not Handcuffs and several other organizations. Continue reading

Local political Green Party supports alternative to university’s restructuring plan

Rich Whitney, chair of the Shawnee Green Party Chapter and candidate for Jackson County Board District 4, said the Green Party supports a positive alternative to university Chancellor Carlo Montemagno's restructuring plan. The local Shawnee Green Party Chapter is a grassroots political third-party that supports cost-free higher education, the legalization of marijuana, non-violence and a universal healthcare system. Continue reading

A Socialist Campaign To Shake Up West Virginia

Elliott Pritt is a socialist candidate for the West Virginia House of Delegates, running for a seat from Fayette County, on the ticket of the Mountain Party, the West Virginia affiliate of the Green Party. He talked to Tyler Barton about why he’s running, some of the obstacles he’s faced and how he hopes to advance the socialist cause with his campaign. Continue reading

Congressional candidate Kenneth Mejia on going Green and growing up Fil-Am

The U.S. midterm elections are about two months away and California’s 34th Congressional District is looking to choose between a familiar incumbent and a new face in the upcoming November 6 election. On one end is current Rep. Jimmy Gomez of the Democratic Party who has represented the district in the House since 2017 and is working towards re-election in the Democratic majority area.  Before his election, Gomez served four and a half years in the California State Assembly. Continue reading

Wisconsin officials prepare for potential election hackers

MADISON, Wis. — A private vendor inadvertently introduces malware into voting machines he is servicing. A hacker hijacks the cellular modem used to transmit unofficial Election Day results. An email address is compromised, giving bad actors the same access to voting software as a local elections official. These are some of the potential vulnerabilities of Wisconsin's election system described by cybersecurity experts. Continue reading

New Arizona law keeps Libertarians, Greens off ballot — just as GOP wanted

Editor's Note: At least three Green candidates qualified for the ballot in Arizona; perhaps as many as eight. For the first time in more than two decades, Arizonans won’t have the option to vote for a Libertarian Party candidate for governor. And that’s exactly the way Republican lawmakers designed it. A law in effect for the first time in a statewide race makes it much harder for candidates of recognized minor parties to get their names on the general election ballot, either through petitions or write-in votes. Continue reading

Colorado's Redistricting Reforms Exclude Third Parties

Voters in Colorado will have an opportunity in November to give themselves a greater say in the state's redistricting process. But two ballot initiatives that would create "independent commissions" to redraw legislative districts seem deliberately crafted to exclude Coloradans who are members of third parties. Amendments Y and Z will ask voters if they want to create 12-member commissions for the purpose of redrawing congressional and state legislative districts, respectively, after the next national census. Redistricting in Colorado is currently handled by the state legislature.  Continue reading