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Meet and treat with Cayetano for Council

Success! Cayetano for Council Brings Attention Across Hawthorne Ward 3 with "Meet & Treat and Coffee With Craig" Events On Friday October 2nd, the Cayetano for Council Campaign held its "Meet & Treat" kickoff event outside Cayetano's house. He was joined by Green Party Presidential Nominee Howie Hawkins and Green US Senate candidate Madelyn Hoffman. They held a livestream outside while supporters picked up materials, signs and enjoyed their ice cream. Hawkins and Cayetano then went aboard the truck and rode around Ward 3. Continue reading

Hawkins & Walker events – hurry and sign up!

Campaign news from the Green Party of Washington The 2020 presidential campaign season is almost over. It’s not too late to do something to help the Green Party of Washington State get 5% of the vote so we gain major party status. Any questions or to send anything to us for the campaign, please email C.J. <cynthiajsellers@gmail.com>. Continue reading

Green Party Inroads: 2020 and beyond

News from the Pacific Green Party of Oregon Ranked Choice Voting in Benton County Commissioners Race Ranked Choice Voting will be used for the first time in Oregon to elect the County Commissioner.  Mike Beilstein, long-time green party member, is running, providing the electorate a first time opportunity to see how RCV works. Continue reading

Remembering Matthew Shepard

Today marks a dark reminder in our country, where one evening Matthew Shepard's life was taken away by Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson. They tortured, beat, then tied him up to a barbed wire fence post outside of Laramie, WY. Six days later he left us. Moments like Matthew's murder also reminds us of how far have we come. There have been many great milestones since Matthew's time. But while we look towards the the apex of human rights we need to look back on where we started at and the challenges that come with it. Because at times those same challenges will crop up again. Which is why we need to keep Matthew's spirit with us as we toil through those challenges. Continue reading

Your vote will save the Green Party in New York

BROOKLYN, NY – Early voting starts October 24, and Election Day is only 30 days away, on November 3! Your help is needed to save the Green Party ballot line in New York State by getting out the vote for the Hawkins/Walker campaign! Months ago, Gov. Cuomo hatched a scheme to kill off the Green Party and other alternative parties in NY. Although the Green Party is working with other alternative parties to legally challenge Cuomo's extreme voter disenfranchisement, we may not prevail in the courts. If not, we're required to get 130,000 votes in the presidential race or 2% of votes cast, just to maintain our ballot line! Continue reading

Latest News from North Carolina: Organize for Hawkins/Walker, Donate to Our Campaign Fundraiser, Gov. Puts Profits Over Farmworker Safety, Our Recent BLM Activism

PITTSBORO, NC – As the election ramps up, the North Carolina Green Party wants to let you know about this month's news from the North Carolina Green Party: Organize with us to get out the vote for the Hawkins/Walker Green Party presidential campaign; Donate to our presidential campaign fundraiser; Check out our most recent activism in solidarity with BLM; Read our open letter calling on Gov. Cooper to put farmworker safety before profits during Covid. Continue reading

How To Write-in Howie Hawkins in Virginia

The Howie Hawkins/Angela Walker campaign for Green Party President and Vice President have followed write-in procedures to be officially recognized according to the Code of Virginia: https://law.lis.virginia.gov/vacode/title24.2/chapter6/section24.2-644/ The Virginia Department of Elections verified today that writing in either ‘Howie’ or ‘Howard’ Hawkins will count as a vote for both Howie for President and Angela for Vice President. Green Party of Virginiahttps://www.vagreenparty.org Continue reading

Green Party of Texas October 2020 newsletter

Help Get Out The Vote (GOTV) for the Green Party of Texas HOUSTON – We need Greens in Texas to take the yard sign graphics available below & place GPTX yard signs outside Early Voting locations in YOUR counties so Texans know Greens are on the ballot in 2020.  How can you help? Recruit candidates. Be seen being Green. Support Green issues that are nearest to your heart & help with GP outreach at the same time! Donate. Click here for ideas on how you can take initiative as a volunteer in your area. Share our slate of candidates on social media! Continue reading

Green Party of Michigan says NO to proposal 1

Opposes Grab by Oil and Gas Industry for More Political Power, Protection for Fracking Endorses Proposal 2 to Give Protection Against Warrantless Searches of Electronic Devices Grand Rapids, Mi – The Green Party of Michigan (GPMI) urges a NO vote on Michigan Proposal 2020-1, which would tie the state's operating budget to continued oil and gas drilling -- including fracking. GPMI also calls for a YES vote on Proposal 2020-2, which would block warrantless searches of electronic devices. Continue reading

PA Greens push for an end to fracking

Operators flare off a well in southwestern Pennsylvania. Credit: Bob Donnan PHILADELPHIA – It has taken slightly more than a decade for hydraulic fracturing to entrench itself in PA, forming a beltway of 10,000 wells that arc from the southwest to the northeast. Colloquially referred to as fracking, the process involves drilling and pumping high pressure chemical-laden water and sand deep into underground shale deposits to release and capture gas and oil. Over the years, it has become evident that economic prosperity has fallen short of original promises, while alarming reports of public health decline, potent greenhouse gas leaks, and environmental devastation have bubbled to the surface. Continue reading