Activists Rally: Demand Albany Pass NY Single-Payer Bill

With the country once again debating the future of health care, activists rallied Tuesday in Albany, NY in support of a bill that would create a universal, publicly-financed health-insurance plan for all New Yorkers. Rallygoer and Green Party candidate for Albany Mayor Dan Plaat believes having a state single-payer plan in place would have a positive impact on local economics. "It reminds me a lot of the anti-fracking movement. Each year the rally gets a little bit bigger. More partners are made and more people catch on to the necessity and the importance of this issue in getting this law passed, this piece of policy done." The New York Health Act has passed twice in the Assembly, which expects to pass it again for the third year in a row. Assembly Health Committee Chair and bill sponsor Democrat Dick Gottfried says support for universal health care is growing with the public and in the state Senate, where it is co-sponsored by nearly half of all senators. Continue reading

Rich Cirino is Green Party candidate for mayor

Rich Cirino announced his candidacy for Glens Falls, NY mayor on the Green Party line. "We're here because Glens Falls is home," Cirino said, in a speech at the Warren County Green Party Gala on Saturday. Continue reading

More Than Two Parties: The Green Party Reinvents Itself

This week meet the party that believes power starts from the bottom up. Host T.J. O’Hara is joined by Green Party National Political Organizer Adrián Boutureira. The two discuss the Green Party’s core philosophies, and what’s next for the party. Continue reading

Honkala write-in victory would bring 'something radically different' to North Philly

Could a candidate whose name doesn't even appear on the ballot end up winning next week's special election for the 197th district statehouse seat? Cheri Honkala, a longtime activist in the city, sure thinks she can. "I am absolutely convinced we'll win," she said Thursday morning in her modest second-floor campaign office near North Sixth and Venango streets. "For people around here, this isn't a normal election. It won't be zombies going to the polls. People have a vested interest, and they know I've been around for 30 years." Continue reading

Montana Green Party holds first statewide convention in 10 years

  KIRA VERCRUYSSEN, Missoulian: Leticia Romero, left, asks Montana's Green Party representative, Thomas Breck, to explain more about the political branch between the line-up of events for the 2017 Montana Green Party Convention. "I'm a single mother and wanted to learn more about what the Green Party has to offer," Romero said. The Montana Green Party held its first statewide convention in 10 years Saturday at the University of Montana's Payne Family Native American Center, where party supporters appointed committee members, elected a candidate for the upcoming special election and heard from Green Party 2016 presidential nominee Jill Stein via Skype. Continue reading

With its first convention in 10 years, Montana's Green Party gets set to take another swing

More than 10 years after the Montana Green Party last held a convention, the party meets in Missoula this month with renewed enthusiasm. Party organizer Danielle Breck, who will graduate from the University of Montana this May with a degree in philosophy, says that in light of last year's election, she and other Greens feel they have more to offer progressives than Democrats do. "We think it's super-important that we have the progressive voice be heard," Breck says. "Even Democrats that have made it into the state Legislature, they're moderate, and we don't really feel like they represent us and our ideals." Continue reading

Can a Philly activist and ex-Green Party VP candidate fill a convicted state rep's seat?

Cheri Honkala, who went from living out of her car to running alongside Jill Stein as the vice presidential pick in the 2012 election, is confident that she'll soon represent parts of North Philadelphia in Pennsylvania's House of Representatives. There's one problem, though – as of now, her name won't be on the ballot come next month's special election looking to fill the seat. Continue reading