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How Wisconsin voters can still vote Green in 2020

The Wisconsin Elections Commission and the Wisconsin Supreme Court have done their best to silence the Wisconsin Green Party, but we are not submitting to the corporate duopoly. We are still fighting and will continue to fight beyond November for the real change Wisconsinites need: universal healthcare, a clean and healthy eco-system, peace, and justice for real humans - not "corporate persons". While the WI Democratic Party and the WI Supreme Court succeeded in taking away the ballot line we worked so hard for, Wisconsin will still be able to vote Green.  We have become a hidden choice, but you can still help build a powerful grassroots political force adding to over a million courageous people around the nation. Continue reading

"PA Legislators Self Deal" says Green Party Candidate

Candidate for PA House District 64 Wants End To Per Diem Pay Michael Bagdes-Canning is the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) candidate for PA House District 64, and he is a man of the people. "For too long the politicians who govern us have promised us the world, only to sell it to the highest corporate bidder," said Michael. "The corruption of our two major parties has been the millstone around the neck of our once thriving working-class community. How many good, high paying jobs must move away before we stand up and say we won't take it anymore? The jobs we have lost are gone, and we cannot bring them back." Continue reading

FB live tonight: Help save the Green Party of New York

Join Gloria Mattera and Peter LaVenia, co-chairs of the Green Party of New York, tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET tonight to talk about the final push to SAVE THE GREEN PARTY OF NY; what Early Voting is looking like in your community; how Early Voting works and how to make your plan to vote and be counted by November 3rd! Continue reading

Volunteers Needed at the Polls

URGENT:  Volunteers Needed at the Polls, Also Contactless Flyer Hanging While the most important aspect of building the North Carolina Green Party today is making connections, providing education, organizing in movements and building our base statewide, we acknowledge that electorally, the biggest impact is outreach and having as many campaign volunteers at the polls as possible.Please sign up for as many shifts as you can to support our 2020 nominees for President and Vice-President, Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker and we will get flyers to you! It is important that you sign-up ASAP so that we have time to get materials to you. Continue reading

NCGP: The SCOTUS hearing sham and the need for a mass party of the left

The Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings do not support the so-called “Lesser Evil” argument. In fact the sham of a SCOTUS confirmation absolutely underscores the necessity for us to build a mass party independent of Wall Street power which can actually organize and lead millions to fight back. The party of labor and ecology that we need would be calling upon and organizing workers and unions to strike, protest and truly resist the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett. This is the kind of mass party that we desperately need today. Instead, we have two ruling parties that do the opposite – they both organize in meeting rooms to put down labor resistance and militant protests.  Continue reading

Wisconsin Greens 2020 Fall Gathering

Join us for the Wisconsin Green Party 2020 Fall Gathering on Saturday November 14, 2020! Due to precautions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic this gathering will be held virtually using video-conferencing software. Attendees will be sent information about how to join the gathering online after they register. This gathering is the WIGP's state membership meeting, and all dues-paying WIGP members in good standing will be eligible to participate in decision-making and voting Continue reading

Bradshaw challenges longtime incumbent Svanda in Jackson County circuit clerk race

MURPHYSBORO, Il — Cindy Svanda, the longtime Democratic incumbent, and Jessica Bradshaw, a Jackson County Green Party candidate, have been courting Jackson County voters in attempts to be elected to the circuit clerk seat this Nov. 3. A county’s circuit clerk is the “official record keeper for the courts,” according to an information sheet by the Illinois Association of County Board Members and Commissioners. The circuit clerk prepares and maintains court records, collects fees and fines and processes paperwork. In addition, they process citations, notices and summons for service to the sheriff and subpoenas all witnesses in trials. Continue reading

Pledge to #VoteGreen for Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker

We’re reaching out because we need your help to save the Green Party here in New York.  Election Day is two weeks away. We’re asking Greens and Green allies to sign a pledge to vote for Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker.  Why? Continue reading

Join us for Lisa's big debate night!

As we race toward Election Day, voters in Maine and across the country will be watching the fourth debate in Maine’s critical Senate race this Thursday. Lisa Savage has made a strong impression in the first 3 debates as the progressive, independent candidate for the people. Now, with thousands of voters getting ready to cast their votes in this historic ranked-choice voting race, Thursday’s debate will be a critical turning point for our campaign. Continue reading

URGENT: 24 hrs to help!

The North Carolina Green Party must fundraise $500 more in the next 24 hours to print signs and flyers for the the final stretch the election. Our volunteers in the Triad, Charlotte and elsewhere are AMAZING. We have blown through almost all of our allotted materials with two weeks to go! Please help us by donating - even if only a modest amount. Unlike Trump and his cronies, all of our NCGP members are working class volunteers. Unlike Biden, we haven't fundraised over 700 million from Wall Street donors and SuperPACs. Continue reading