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Join Howie Hawkins on Wednesday for a special announcement for this year's campaign

As you may have heard, I am again seeking the Green Party nomination for governor, both to #DemandMore from our government in response to the ecological, economic and social crises we face, and to win the votes we need to retain our party's ballot line and keep running local candidates across our state. I'm thrilled to share with you now that Special Education Teacher, education justice organizer and teachers union member Jia Lee has agreed to run for Lt. Governor on the Green Party ticket, as my running mate. Continue reading

4 Years Too Long

It has been four years too long since the residents of Flint were forced to drink poison in order for a pipeline to be built. High levels of lead are still being found across the city, including in local public schools, yet this is not being reported widely across the state. When Emergency Manager Ed Kurtz signed the order to switch residents over to the Flint River for drinking water in 2013, he was fully aware that the city’s water treatment plant could not properly treat water as shown in documents for the KWA pipeline beginning in 2009. Continue reading

George Wolfe is Polling at 8%

  GREAT NEWS! A recent poll conducted by Gravis Marketing shows George Wolfe is already garnering 8% of the vote for Secretary of State here in Indiana. This makes it clear that the Indiana Green Party is becoming a political force to be reckoned with in our state. Together we can end gerrymandering, establish same-day voter registration, make election day a statewide holiday, bring back disenfranchised voters, and move forward to change the adversarial political culture as we reclaim and re-energize our democracy. Continue reading

Howie Hawkins Is Running for Governor to "Demand More"

April 12, 2018 – Howie Hawkins of Syracuse announced today that he is running for Governor to demand more progressive reforms and system change. Hawkins finished 3rd in the 2014 Gubernatorial race. His 184,419 votes moved the Green Party up to the 4th line among ballot qualified parties. "Progressives need to raise our expectations and demand more," Hawkins said. Topping his list of winnable reforms are single-payer health care, fully-funded public schools, a ban on new fossil fuel infrastructure, and 100% clean renewable energy within 15 years. Continue reading

Veronika Fimbres: California's Compassionate Candidate

Vietnam veterans are unafraid of long shots. VVA's Veronika Fimbres is no exception. She's running for governor of California. Most of her professional life has been spent nursing — a vocation that even precedes her stint as a Navy corpsman. The only political position she has had is as San Francisco Commissioner of Veterans' Affairs, an office she held for more than fourteen years under three mayoral administrations. Should she get elected, Fimbres will be the state's first African-American governor and its first transgender governor. Continue reading

Neal Gale Announces Run for U.S. Senate in PA

Scranton, Pennsylvania -- The Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) endorsed Neal Gale as candidate for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania at their state convention on March 18. Gale said, "We have to be able to listen and talk to everyone regarding our vision of what this state and country can be. And that vision must include all citizens from every political persuasion." Neal Gale is calling his campaign for the Senate, "One Family, Many Voices." He encourages voters to see themselves as nonpartisan stewards of the Commonwealth and its environment. Neal Gale believes in grass roots democracy urging citizens to get involved with politics especially as it relates to climate change. He desires that voters see themselves as protectors of the environment in Pennsylvania. Continue reading

Vote Moss for Mayor on March 24

The election for Mayor of Rayville, Lousiana is this Saturday, March 24. The incumbent Rayville Mayor, Harry Lewis, Democrat, drew two contenders — Cassius Clay Muhammad, Independent, and Morgan Moss Jr., Green. Mr Moss states "My candidacy for Mayor is based on my belief that 'Strong Leadership Builds Strong Communities'. As I reflect over my life, there is and always has been a deep burning desire in my heart to reach out and help those in need. Continue reading

State Senate Candidate Calls for Incumbent to Back The Food & Recovery Recycling Act

(Rochester, NY) – Earlier today, Green Party State Senate candidate, Brian White called for incumbent Senator Rich Funke to support The Food Recovery and Recycling Act (FRRA). The Act is included in Governor Cuomo's budget proposal and is supported by the New York State Assembly. The initiative will send surplus food to those who need it, create compost, and help in the fight against climate change. "This is a no-brainer," said White. "You cannot deny that income inequality has led to uncontrolled poverty in both the urban and rural parts of our district. While this doesn't fix the systemic issues, it feeds hungry people. There isn't an elected official who should not be behind this. If Senator Funke cannot step up and support this effort now, then once elected, I will." Continue reading

Brian Fitzgerald White to Announce Run for State Senate at Parade

Disability activist, Brian Fitzgerald White, will be announcing his campaign for the Green Party's nomination for the 55th District of the New York State Senate at the 2018 St. Patrick's Day Parade. White will announce and take questions at the parade line-up spot for his division, at the corner of Strathallen Park and East Avenue at Noon on Saturday, March 17, 2018. White, 47, is a barber, a bartender, and a consultant specializing in solutions for the intellectual and developmental disability population. He is also on the ANCOR International Council for people with Disabilities Continue reading

Adam Davis Running for Utah's 1st Congressional District

03.15.2018 – Ogden native filing to run for 1st Congressional District Adam Davis, originally from Ogden, will be filing his candidacy with the Green Party in Utah’s 1st Congressional District seeking to unseat incumbent Rob Bishop. Davis is campaigning on a platform of inclusive government that works for average Americans and ending the stranglehold of corporate lobbyists over our Congress. “Our Congress today is beholden to the interests of corporations and ignoring the needs of their constituents. Changing that should be a top priority of voters of all persuasions.”, says Davis. Continue reading