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GOTV Kick Off Rally for Kenneth Mejia & Special Guests

Come out to the Kenneth Mejia Campaign Rally on Sunday, May 20 at 1:00 pm at Shatto Park in Koreatown Los Angeles to learn about the progressive values we're fighting on - People, Planet, & Peace over Profit! This is a historic campaign as we can be one of the FIRST Greens to advance to the General Election in November! 💚 Continue reading

An Introduction from Jia Lee

My name is Jia Lee and I'm seeking the Green Party nomination for Lieutenant Governor. I hope to meet you at the convention on Saturday, where I will formally request the nomination, but I also wanted to introduce myself to those who can't make it. I have been a New York City special education public school teacher for seventeen years and UFT chapter leader for ten years. I am also a proud public school parent. I am proud to be a member of a caucus within the United Federation of Teachers called the Movement of Rank and File Educators (MORE). Besides opting my child out of the state tests, I organize with other parents and educators in New York City and across the state to expose the harmful impact of high stakes standardized testing.  Continue reading

Manley to run for School Board

Elijah Manley to file for qualification to run for School Board, At-Large Seat #8 for the elections of August 28th, 2018 Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Elijah Manley has been running for the school board of Broward County, At-large Seat #8 since February 2017. Manley is the youngest candidate to run for school board in the county’s history, at age 19. He has raised more than $10k as of April 2018, to challenge incumbent school board member Donna Pilger Korn. As one of the youngest candidates to run in the 2018 elections, Mr. Manley has had his fair share of ageism, political attacks and smears. However, he has chosen to remain in this race in the wake of high political polarization and welcomes Mr. Ryan Petty and others to the race. Continue reading

Hawkins Calls on Cuomo to Cancel Israel "Solidarity" Trip over Gaza Massacre

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for Governor, called on Governor Andrew Cuomo to cancel what the governor announced last Friday as a "security and solidarity" trip to Israel. "The live ammo shooting of unarmed Palestinian demonstrators by Israeli soldiers, killing scores and wounding hundreds, should be condemned by all. Cuomo should cancel his trip to Israel to demonstrate his rejection of this unjustifiable massacre," Hawkins said. Continue reading

The Contradictions of Cross-Endorsements in the Governor's Race

That didn't take long. On Saturday, April 13 the Working Families Party endorsed Democrat Cynthia Nixon for New York Governor. By the following Tuesday, the WFP said they didn't really mean it. "We will not be a spoiler," said Bill Lipton, the WFP's political director, indicating that the WFP will take Nixon off its ballot line if she loses the Democratic primary against Governor Andrew Cuomo. Perhaps the WFP will offer Cuomo their ballot line for a third time if he wins the Democratic primary – if he will take it. Continue reading

The Other Feinstein Deserves California’s Attention

I'm rooting for one political candidate more than anyone this June. I'm rooting for Feinstein. Not Dianne. Mike. He's a former Santa Monica mayor and city councilman who is running the most community-oriented and idea-rich campaign in California. Continue reading

New York State Board of Elections Approves Greenfield for Congress on Green Party Line

The New York State Board of Elections has approved the nominating petition of Steve Greenfield, of New Paltz, NY, for the race for US House of Representatives, New York 19th Congressional District. Greenfield will appear on the ballot on the Green Party line. Greenfield, 56, has lived in New Paltz for over 17 years, where he is a veteran volunteer firefighter and former two-term member of the Board of Education. He is also on the Executive Board of the Hudson Valley's Local 238-291 of the American Federation of Musicians. Continue reading

Jia Lee, NYC Teacher / Union activist, announces for Lt. Gov as a Green

Jia Lee Announces Candidacy for Green Party Lt. Governor Nomination NEW YORK, 4/25/2018 -- Jia Lee, a New York City special education teacher of seventeen years, announced today that she will seek the Green Party nomination for Lt. Governor. She will make education the focal point of her campaign. Continue reading

Stoney Bird endorsed by the Green Party of Washington

Stoney Bird – Green for Congress in District 2! The Green Party of Washington proudly endorses Stoney Bird's run for Congress in Washington's Second Congressional District. A highly successful corporate lawyer until he ceased that work in 1990, Stoney brings a deep understanding of how corrupt and destructive our current political and economic institutions are. In the last 20 years he has worked as a political and community activist bringing environmental, social justice and peace issues to the forefront. Continue reading

Eat Spaghetti & Reform Our Electoral System!

Election season is a drag. We all know it and realize that it's intended to be that way. Our electoral system is designed to keep those in power in office and we're tired of it. It's one of the main reasons Brian is running and it's one of the main reasons so many people are excited about his campaign. So when you vote Brian into office, what is he going to work on to fix this? Continue reading