Greens to State Department: Respect Bolivia’s Self -Determination

The Green Party expresses outrage at Sunday’s coup against Bolivian President Evo Morales, and calls on the U.S. States to refrain from interfering in Bolivian elections.   On Sunday, November 10, Morales resigned under duress due to protests orchestrated by a right-wing opposition and the Organization of American States. USAID had provided funding to opposition groups for over a decade until being expelled by Morales in 2013.  Continue reading

Green Party National Black Caucus supports Allen lawsuit against Comcast

The National Black Caucus of The Green Party of The United States stands in solidarity with media entrepeneur Byron Allen regarding his multi-billion dollar lawsuit against Comcast for racial discrimination, and the preservation of the 1866 Civil Rights Act. The 1866 Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination when making and enforcing contracts. Trahern Crews, Chair of the National Black Caucus of the Green Party of the United States Reparations Working Group stated, "We encourage President Trump to change his stance in support of Comcast and side with the American people instead of multinational corporations when it comes to civil rights in the United States of America." Continue reading

Green Party Celebrates Candidate Victories, Ranked Choice Voting Coming to NYC

The Green Party of the United States (GPUS) congratulates all of its 2019 Fall General Election candidates on their hard-fought campaigns, including civil rights attorney and National Lawyers Guild member Kat Bruner James for her election to Ferndale (Michigan) City Council in a partisan election. “I look forward to serving on the first female-majority City Council in Ferndale,” Kat announced in a Facebook post to supporters. “I have many people to thank.” Continue reading

Green Party of New York decries Jacobs' ballot access plan

ALBANY, NY, October 29, 2019 — Green Party of New York officers said that the plan floated by Campaign Finance Commission co-chair Jay Jacobs to raise the minimum vote total for ballot access to roughly 250,000 votes was an unacceptable attack on real third parties in New York. Party officers said the Commission should instead ban fusion and make ballot access for third parties easier, including allowing any statewide office vote totals to qualify a party. (See NY Times article.) Continue reading

Green Party Supports Chicago Teachers Strike

The Green Party stands with the Chicago Teachers Union in their strike demands, including lowering class size and hiring more support staff such as nurses, librarians, social workers, special education case managers and bilingual teachers. We support their demands for affordable housing for new teachers and more than 16,000 homeless students, and their demands for higher raises and more school funding. "The Green Party emphasizes its pro-labor platform and urges all ... area residents to stand in solidarity with striking school employees, and workers everywhere to join and support those refusing to cross picket lines in whatever capacity they can," said Tony Ndege, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States. Continue reading

Former Green Party candidate Jill Stein to attend rally at Federal Courthouse in Philadelphia

MEDIA ALERT: Green Party Candidate Jill Stein at Federal Courthouse in Philadelphia, 10/2, noon PHILADELPHIA – The Steering Committee of the Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP) has endorsed the Protect Our Vote rally on Wednesday, October 2, and the struggle to "Stop the Machine." More information may be found here, Continue reading

Greens Say PA Legislators Working Overtime to Destroy the Planet

PHILADELPHIA – As the world goes on strike for peace and ecology and engages in direct action to save the planet, some PA legislators are working overtime to push through HB 1102, the Keystone Energy Enhancement Act. On September 23, the House Commerce Committee is scheduled to vote on this bill, which proposes to use tax dollars to set up and develop "Energy Enhancement Zones," where fracked gas will be promoted and new fracking spurred. HB 1102 is "designed to encourage, facilitate, and subsidize natural gas and related manufacturing industries, including the highly polluting petrochemical industries, in Pennsylvania," ťaccording to a letter by the Delaware Riverkeepers Network. The Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) steering committee has signed onto this letter, requesting that the House Commerce Committee reject the bill. Continue reading

Bucks County Green Party endorses the Climate Strike & March in Doylestown September 22, 2019

DOYLESTOWN, Pa – The Bucks County Green Party has endorsed and will support a local Climate Strike event to be held in Doylestown PA, following the lead of the Green Party of the United States in endorsing national and global climate strike actions in September being led in the U.S. by the Sunrise Movement. On Sunday, September 22nd, Bucks Students for Climate Action and Protection of the Environment (BSCAPE) is calling youth and adults alike to march in Doylestown. Continue reading

Green Party National Black Caucus To Sponsor Green Presidential Candidate Forum

For over 50 years, the Black vote has been taken for granted by the status quo in American politics. Join The Green Party National Black Caucus (GPBC) as we ask the 2020 Green Party Presidential candidates the important questions that matter to the African American community.Philena Farley, Treasurer of the Ohio Green Party, stated: "The 2 corporate parties in the United States do not have the policy solutions that will address the political concerns in the Black community like redlining and livable wages."   Continue reading

Greens run in fall 2019 elections

At least 62 Greens are running in elections in September, October and November 2019. At least 43 Greens have run in winter, spring and summer 2019 elections, with 18 elected. Most are running for a variety of positions: city and town councils, soil and water commissions, school boards, township trustees, and zoning boards. A few are seeking seats for state legislature or statewide office. Continue reading