Green Party Calls on Senator Schumer to Dramatically Increase Economic Stimulus Above $3.5 Trillion

IPCC Predicts World Will Pass 1.5 Degrees Tipping Point by mid-2030s Following the release of the new IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report, the EcoAction Committee of the Green Party of the United States called upon Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to dramatically increase funding above his proposed $3.5 trillion budget resolution. The social spending package is expected to be voted upon later this week, after the bipartisan infrastructure package is approved. Continue reading

“#NoNewJails — Nationwide!” Say Greens

Green Party of the United States Endorses #NoNewJails, Calls on All State Parties and Candidates to Support Local Campaigns WASHINGTON — The Green Party of the United States National Committee has voted overwhelmingly to endorse the “#NoNewJails” movement and support campaigns for prison abolition as a means to end mass incarceration. Continue reading

As Extreme Weather Rages Globally, Climate Groups Demand Biden and Congressional Democrats Fund a Robust, Ecosocialist Green New Deal

WASHINGTON — As extreme weather intensifies across the planet, more than 110 green, community, labor and faith groups released a letter today urging President Biden and Congressional Democrat leaders to fund a 10-year, $42 trillion ecosocialist Green New Deal far larger than the $3.5 trillion stimulus package target announced last week by Senator Schumer. Continue reading

MEDIA ADVISORY - 2021 Green Party Annual National Meeting

Green Party of the United States to Hold Annual National Meeting Online, July 15-18 2021 Schedule of Events for Media Available Now The Green Party’s 2021 Annual National Meeting (ANM) will occur online to respect public health recommendations regarding non-essential travel and large gatherings in the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic. Continue reading

Demanding Action on Reparations, Greens Release National Petition Pressuring Passage of HR 40

WASHINGTON — In anticipation of Independence Day, the Green Party of the United States has released a national petition demanding Congress and President Biden pass HR 40 to study and develop reparations proposals for Americans whose ancestors were enslaved in the United States. Continue reading

Green Party Decries Biden’s Retreat on Climate in Infrastructure Stimulus, Line 3 Pipeline

WASHINGTON — The Green Party of the United States faults President Biden for putting the interests of Republicans and fossil fuel donors ahead of saving life on the planet in the new infrastructure stimulus legislation, largely excluding climate action in the deal. Continue reading

Steering Committee of the Green Party of the United States Statement on the “Dialogue not Expulsion” group

For the past 18 months, in stark contraposition to our values of Social Justice and Feminism, the “Dialogue not Expulsion” group has sustained a public and personal assault against some of the most marginalized and oppressed people in our Party. They have been coordinating an international effort targeting the credibility of our Accreditation Committee, our National Committee and our Steering Committee, along with individual Greens. Actions that members of the “Dialogue not Expulsion” group have engaged in do not align with the Green Party core values of Social Justice, Feminism, Youth Rights and Grassroots Democracy. Continue reading

Greens to Biden: “On Climate, You Are Not ‘The Party of Science’”

President’s Earth Day Goals Won’t Begin to Solve Climate Emergency Continue reading

Biden Should Commit to 100% Emissions Cut by 2030 at Earth Day Summit

Time to Declare Climate Emergency, Fund Green New Deal and Climate Mitigation Continue reading

Green Party Calls for a $4 Trillion Green Economic Stimulus

WASHINGTON - The Green Party of the United States called today for President Biden and Congress to provide $2.7 trillion annually for a Green New Deal economic stimulus to reboot the economy and transition the country to a 100% renewable energy system with zero emissions by 2030. Continue reading