HR1’s “Poison Pill” to Crush Alternative Parties Requires Amending — or the Bill Must Fail

Little-Known Provision in HR1 Will Quintuple the Amount of Money Presidential Candidates Must Raise to Participate in Public Matching Funds Program WASHINGTON — The Green Party has gone on the record with the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Rules with a request that HR1 be amended to strike a provision that would quintuple the amount of money presidential campaigns will be required to raise to qualify for federal matching funds. HR1 will raise the qualifying threshold for presidential campaign matching funds from $5,000 raised in each of 20 states to $25,000 per state in 20 states. Continue reading

Green Party Says Texas Energy Crisis Due to Overreliance on Fossil Fuels

Highlights Need for Green New Deal and Rapid Transition to Renewable Energy Unprecedented in more than a decade, disastrous cold signals crises of climate change and lack of preparedness. Both major parties have failed to provide infrastructure, energy policies to enable quick response and save lives. Continue reading

Green Party Urges Bolder Action on Climate, End Support for Fossil Fuels and Nukes

The Green Party of the United States said today that the Climate Executive Orders issued this week by President Biden are a step forward, but far more action is needed. Continue reading

As Black Women and Girls Go Missing, and the Media and the Police Do Little, a National Task Force is Required to Address the Issue

The Green Party of the United States National Women’s Caucus released a statement today calling for a national task force to focus on solving the disappearances of black women and girls. Continue reading

Green Party's International Committee Expresses Outrage at Christmas Day Bombing of the Al-Durrah Children's Hospital in the Gaza Strip

The International Committee of the Green Party of the United States has denounced the bombing of facilities in Gaza, including the Al-Durrah Children's Hospital, on Christmas Day. The airstrikes and artillery attacks are a stark reminder that Israeli continues to target children in its decades-long violation of international norms and laws in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Gaza. Such attacks are war crimes under international law, and attacks on children violate our most basic norms of human decency. Continue reading

COVID-19 “Rubs Salt in the Open Wound” of Longstanding Housing Crisis, Says Green Party. New Nationwide Petition Campaign Demands Permanent Solutions

WASHINGTON — The Green Party of the United States has announced a new congressional petition campaign for party members, candidates and allies to demand a permanent solution to the housing crisis. Greens say the COVID-19 pandemic threatening 40 million people with eviction severely aggravates a longstanding housing crisis. They are asking the country to hold Congress to account for their failure to take meaningful action to keep people in their homes, even as lawmakers underwrite corporate debt with taxpayer money. Continue reading

Green Party National Black Caucus Announces Inauguration Day Reparations and Police Accountability Rally at Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington, D.C.

Caucus demands Biden and Congress deliver on promises of reparations to the descendants of American Chattel Slavery WASHINGTON — The National Black Caucus of the Green Party of the United States has announced a partnership with a dozen organizations to commemorate Breonna Taylor with an “Inauguration Day Reparations and Police Accountability Rally” on Wednesday, January 20th at 12:00pm in Washington, D.C. The rally will be held at Black Lives Matter Plaza on 16th Street NW (between K Street NW and the north side of President's Park) and will kick off an ongoing campaign aimed at Biden’s new administration and Congress. Continue reading

“Don’t ‘Scrooge’ Us!” — Green Party Launches Nationwide Campaign Demanding Medicare-for-All and COVID-19 Relief NOW

Green Party leaders are mobilizing their members, supporters and 2021 candidates with a petition to demand Congress act immediately to pass more comprehensive COVID-19 relief and vote on Improved Medicare-for-All. The petition references the Ebenezer Scrooge-like irony of passing such a miserly relief bill and dodging a Medicare-for-All vote entirely just before Christmas, after months of congressional inaction has left many families and communities devastated. Continue reading

Green Party Peace Action Committee Opposes Appointment of Michele Flournoy As Secretary of Defense

The Green Party of the United States Peace Action Committee (GPAX) has issued a statement opposing the nomination and appointment of Michele Flournoy as the next Secretary of Defense. Continue reading

Green Party EcoAction Committee Calls for Biden Executive Action on Climate

WASHINGTON — The Green Party of the United States EcoAction Committee has joined hundreds of other climate groups in urging President-elect Biden to take bold executive action on day one of his administration to treat climate change as a national emergency. Continue reading