Greens slam Biden administration for impeding climate action at COP27

The EcoAction Committee of the Green Party of the U.S. criticized the Biden administration as the United States once again impeded climate action at the recently concluded COP27 in Egypt. “The head of the United Nations and leading scientists have repeatedly warned that the time to avoid climate collapse is running out and that the commitments made by governments worldwide are grossly inadequate. While the GOP have been climate deniers, the Democrats have long promoted climate delay, blocking critical action to halt fossil fuel burning as quickly as possible. The U.S. has been the biggest contributor to climate change and under Biden and Kerry it remains one of the biggest obstacles to saving life on the planet,” said Mark Dunlea, co-chair of EcoAction. Continue reading

Green Party Pushes For Ballot Access In Eight States - Says Party Suppression Equals Voter Suppression

A key goal for the Green Party each election cycle is for state green parties to gain or retain ballot access, which ensures a line on the ballot for Green candidates for upcoming elections. Having an ongoing ballot line means easier ballot access, allowing state parties to focus their efforts on outreach instead of having to petition for higher numbers of signatures and meet other onerous requirements that smaller parties without ballot access are required to fulfill.  Continue reading

2022 Green Party candidates to watch with campaign highlights

Campaign overview There are at least 110 Greens running in November 2022 elections, including U.S. Senate (4), U.S. House (10), Governor (7), Lt. Governor (4), Secretary of State (4), State Senate (11), State House (19), County Supervisor (3), Mayor (1), City Council (8), School Board (9), and Water Board (7). Greens are running for office in 26 states and hold elected office in 18 states. Follow election night returns here. Continue reading

No More War In Ukraine

Because the United States is fighting a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine, it is important that the Green Party of the United States have an official statement regarding its position on the war in Ukraine. It is especially important because of the grave danger of nuclear war in which the government has placed our country and the rest of the world. Because one of the Green Party pillars is Peace, we should have a position that is likely to end the hostilities and resolve the differences between Russia and Ukraine in a peaceful manner. The Green Party of the United States (GPUS) endorse the following statement, on October 10th, 2022, as the official position of GPUS regarding the war in Ukraine. Continue reading

Green Party of the United States mourns Founder John Rensenbrink

The Green Party of the United States mourns the passing of one of its esteemed founding members and leaders, John Rensenbrink. He passed away peacefully surrounded by his family in hospice on July 30, 2022. He was 93 and transitioned one month before his 94th birthday. Greens are remembering John Rensenbrink for his role as prime mover and leader of an independent political party dedicated to ecology, social and economic justice, democracy, and nonviolence and for the intellectual weight he gave the Green Party movement as a global imperative as awareness of the climate crisis emerged. Continue reading

2022 Inflation Reduction Act Capitalizes On A World In Crisis

WASHINGTON, DC – The Green Party of the United States warned today that the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act allows corporations to capitalize on a world in crisis by expanding massive new oil and gas leasing in disproportionately impacted Indigenous, Black and People of Color communities. We need bold action targeted at a just transition, environmental justice, and to immediately halt fossil fuel projects to address the climate emergency by 2030.  Continue reading

Media Advisory: Green Party US Holding Virtual Annual National Meeting July 22-24

Schedule of Events Available Online When: Friday, July 22 to Sunday, July 24, 2022Where: OnlineMeeting Website: CredentialsCandidate Café The Green Party’s 2022 Annual National Meeting (ANM) will take place from July 22-24, online. Meeting events will be held via Zoom, and  feature a series of workshops, entertainment, and strategy sessions. Continue reading

The Green Party of the United States Black Caucus Calls for End to Police Brutality and Abuse of Power

WASHINGTON, DC — The Green Party of the United States National Black Caucus condemned Akron police officers' killing of Jayland Walker on June 27, 2022. Police officers fired more than 90 bullets at Walker. He was not carrying a weapon when shot at and killed. Police initially claimed that he had fired at them. The gun in question did not have Walker's prints on it and was found to be registered to a white man living in another part of Ohio. Continue reading

Green Party Denounces Supreme Court for Siding with Corporate Polluters in Climate Fight

WASHINGTON, DC — The Green Party of the United States today denounced the U.S. Supreme Court’s West Virginia v. EPA 6-3 decision, siding with coal and other polluters against the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions. Continue reading

Green Party Calls For Mass Mobilizations To Protect Reproductive Rights

WASHINGTON, DC — The Green Party of the United States denounces the Supreme Court's decision allowing states to ban abortion and control our bodies. We join the rallying cry of: our bodies, our minds, our power. Continue reading