April 13, 2020

Dedicated page for stories on Covid-19 Stories about how the pandemic has affected ballot access #GreenEnter2020 Has Begun North Carolina Green Party to Sanders supporters: help us build political power independent of the capitalist parties Green Party of Connecticut joins Secretary of State Merrill’s call for an executive order on voting, the elections, and the covid-19 pandemic An open letter to Bernie Sanders supporters Governor Murphy: extend democracy to the Green, Libertarian, Socialist Parties and all independent candidates during this crisis Greens Call For Solidarity With Labor Amid COVID-19 Crisis Third parties call for ballot access relief Greenfield blasts egregious DNC attempt to block NY State BOE from approving his candidacy for congress Green Party of New York blasts DNC’s attack against NYS Board of Elections & congressional candidate Greenfield

April 2, 2020

A dedicated page for stories on Covid-19 has been created Stories about how the pandemic has affected ballot access can be found at https://www.gp.org/tags/covid19ballotaccess The Green Party of Hawai’i Annual State Convention 2020 COVID-19 public health measures makes signature petitioning impossible COVID-19 News in Santa Clara County Close Bath Iron Works petition sent to Gov. Mills & Maine legislators today US Senate Candidate Savage delivers petition calling for immediate closure of Bath Iron Works GreenLine March 2020 Green Party of New York Executive Committee statement In support of Transgender Rights COVID-19 and Black Workers Candidate Brody-Andrew Mulligan receives key endorsement from Green Party of Texas

March 31, 2020

A dedicated page for stories on Covid-19  Stories about how the pandemic has affected ballot access  PA Greens demand relief from candidate nomination procedures BREAKING NEWS: Cuomo trying to kill third parties. Again. This time using COVID-19 as cover US Senate candidate Savage calls for immediate rent and mortgage relief Newark activist, Green Party candidate discuss Coronavirus crisis Libertarians and Greens call on Maryland officials to maintain their ballot access due to COVID-19 outbreak How to petition during the COVID-19 pandemic Green Party condemns Cuomo plan to kill third parties in state budget Howie Hawkins Green Party presidential campaign publishes book

March 29, 2020

Posts about Covid-19 can be found at: https://www.gp.org/tags/covid_19 Listen, Biden! COVID-19 and Medicare for All Response to the coronavirus pandemic North Carolina Green Party response to COVID-19 and Its effects Coronavirus restrictions create problems for independent and third-party candidates seeking a place on the fall ballot News from the North Carolina Green Party

March 24, 2020

Posts about Covid-19 can be found at: https://www.gp.org/tags/covid_19 ‘Virus or no virus, we can’t lose our voice’ Amid the outbreak, Minnesota's minor political parties will struggle to get on the ballot Corona Virus and the Failed American State PA Green Party policies benefit every citizen

March 23, 2020

Posts about COVID-19 can be found at https://www.gp.org/tags/covid_19 The Persecution of Julian Assange Green Party of Connecticut Says: "Close Military Plants for the Duration of Coronavirus Crisis" Green Party of New York statement on the COVID-19 Pandemic and NY State Budget Greens on proposed Coronavirus legislation: far too little, but it’s not too late Greenbacks Not Bailouts Cure for National Emergency Green Party of Virginia statement on the Novel Coronavirus Coronavirus Event Cancellations in March US Senate Candidate Savage Outlines Covid-19 Response Plan Killing off New York's Third parties - Not Today!

March 12, 2020

Posts about COVID-19 can be found at:https://www.gp.org/tags/covid_19 Connecticut Green Party state meeting changed to teleconference Covid-19 leads to cancellation of state convention Coronavirus crisis demands immediate crash program and long-term structural reform of US healthcare system Webinar: Early Campaign Development Virtual Campaign School coming in April Today is International Women's Day! Green presidential candidate Dario Hunter picks running mate from MA

March 2, 2020

Green Party of Philadelphia Elects 2020 Leaders Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and the 2020 Olympics NY Green Party Blasts Efforts to Weaken Bail Reform The coronavirus shows why we need Medicare for All 2020 Texas Precinct Conventions Updates on Our Spring Conference, February 29 Dario Hunter wins the Green Party of Minnesota 2020 presidential caucus straw poll

February 26, 2020

Salt Lake County Mayoral Candidate: Repeal the Inland Port One Week to March 3rd Election! Have you Voted? Calling all Brooklyn Greens! Statement by Lisa for Maine campaign Why Are US Medical Costs so High?

February 24, 2020

PA Green on Suffrage and the ERA We are coming to Harrisburg Officially recognized as a candidate Vote in the Green-Rainbow primary election Valentine's Day, Love, Power and Justice The Three Lefts