2022 Candidates

Below are noteworthy Green Party candidates currently running for office.
A complete list of 2022 Green candidates is located here.

PA Green Party candidate: It is time to fix things

When my candidacy for PA Lt. Governor was endorsed by the Green Party of PA (GPPA), I was excited to have the opportunity to relate to the movement for change on a different level. Over the last 40 years, I had become deeply involved with the movement to end fracking and to stop climate change. There were all kinds of struggles going on around me, but these movements were happening in silos. There was energy for change, but no one was doing the analysis or encouraging folks to turn up for the other’s events. Continue reading

It’s time for the pro-forced-birth delegates to be forced out of the legislature

The West Virginia House of Delegates has just passed a strict and draconian ban on abortion. Now is not the time to elect the same old anti-abortion delegates, including Delegate Zukoff. In a recent interview with Hoppy Kercheval, Delegate Zukoff stated: “I’m pro-life because I believe that God made me before I was in my mother’s womb and that, you know, life begins at conception. That’s my true belief.”  Continue reading

Matthew Hoh virtual campaign rally

On July 14, 2022, Matthew Hoh held a virtual campaign rally with special guests Dr. Jill Stein, Howie Hawkins, Ajamu Baraka, Lisa Savage, and more to support his groundbreaking Senate campaign and his ongoing fight against a massive operation by the Democratic Party establishment to try to remove him from the ballot. Support Matthew Hoh's groundbreaking Senate campaign for working people, planet, and peace - and his ongoing fight against a massive operation by the Democratic Party establishment to try to keep him off the ballot. Continue reading

Michael Oretade for Connecticut State Senate

Please donate and share to help the Connecticut Green Party candidate Michael Oretade for State Senate District 1 reach his Citizen Election Program goals to fully the campaign! Make your donation here.

PLEASE stop saying ...

I have strong opinions about this one. I keep hearing people say that the parents are the key to making our school system work. I don't understand how we have people in leadership roles who do not understand that shaming parents is not a way to get them involved. Continue reading

Democratic Party RIGS Senate Race? Attacks Green Party Candidate

Briahna Joy Gray hosts Matthew Hoh and Jill Stein to talk about the North Carolina Green Party’s fight with the Democratic Party and Democratic-controlled North Carolina State Board of Elections over the board’s denial of ballot access to the Greens. North Carolina Senate candidate Matthew Hoh is enduring an all out attack from the Democratic Party to get him off the ballot. Why? Because he's running as a Green Party candidate. He got more than enough signatures, but the state won't certify them.  Continue reading

Matthew Hoh and North Carolina Green Party File Lawsuit Over NC Board of Elections Decision to Keep Green Party Off Ballot

Raleigh, NC – On Wednesday, Green Party Senate candidate Matthew Hoh and fellow plaintiffs filed a lawsuit against the North Carolina State Board of Elections, which denied the North Carolina Green Party's petition for ballot access in a 3-2 vote. The NCGP submitted 2,000-plus verified signatures more than required by law, and the denial of this legitimate petition left the campaign and supporters stunned and outraged. The complaint was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina by lead attorney Oliver Hall of the Center for Competitive Democracy, with other plaintiffs including the NC Green Party and Matthew Hoh campaign supporters who circulated or signed the petition. Continue reading

Want Separation of Church & State?

Our Republican Opponent has Taken A Contribution From A Church According to recent filings, our Republican opponent Charles Sheedy has taken a campaign contribution from a church. Our state and country are both already on a dangerous theocratic track. In the interest of religious freedom, we are calling on Mr. Sheedy to return the contribution and keep religion out of politics Continue reading

It may be the first time Green Party candidate Michael Oretade is running for public office in Hartford, but the activist is no stranger to the public

Hartford resident Michael Oretade calls himself an urban renaissance man. Among the titles the 29-year-old Oretade can claim are activist, teacher, student, hip-hop artist, the former owner of a record label and comic book writer. And, as of this past spring, he added one more to the list: candidate. Continue reading

The US Needs a Strong Independent Third Party

Parties, Endorsements and the Media are NOT What Voters Think They Are – Voters Must Do their Own Research I recently ran for CA State Assembly as an independent third-party candidate. I ran in a Northern CA Assembly primary race that featured 7 candidates including 5 Democrats, 1 Republican and me running as a Green. Continue reading