2022 Candidates

Below are noteworthy Green Party candidates currently running for office.
A complete list of 2022 Green candidates is located here.
Post-election Statements

Sign The Petition: Let Matt Hoh Debate!

Matt Hoh is running a strong grassroots campaign in North Carolina’s Senate race. When the political establishment tried to keep him off the ballot, Matt and his supporters fought back and won - after being tied up in legal battles for months. But now those same establishment elites want to lock Matt out of the debates to keep the voters from knowing they have a real choice. Continue reading

PA Green Party candidate to meet voters in House District #32

Hello. My name is Zarah Livingston, and I am campaigning to be the PA Representative for District 32. I plan to meet the voters while knocking on doors in Oakmont, Penn Hills, Plum and Verona, and I am sure that we will build a close relationship. I hope to be a Green Party representative who actually feels close to the community. Then, I will be able to formally address the ongoing gun violence with practical programs for youth and their parents. I plan to make it easier for my constituents to access public information, for example campaign records, public funds information, etc. Continue reading

Krayeske nominated as Green Party candidate In AG’s race

New Haven-based attorney Ken Krayeske was nominated Tuesday by the Green Party of Connecticut to run for Connecticut attorney general. That means for the next 60 days there will be three candidates on the ballot in the election for attorney general: Democratic incumbent William Tong, Republican Jessica Kordas, and Krayeske. In a press release announcing his nomination, Krayeske touted his victory against the state that required all inmates to get access to Hepatitis C treatment. Continue reading

Matt Hoh for Senate fireside chat with Howie Hawkins

Matt and Howie will talk about Ranked-Choice Voting and other needed reforms for a more inclusive and vibrant democracy. They'll also discuss issues of the day and take questions from the audience. Continue reading

The Green New Deal & No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge

Michael Oretade vows to uphold, support, and bolster Green New Deal legislation. May it go on the record that he will not take any contributions from fossil fuel industries, executives, lobbyists, or PACs. He is ready to dedicate his life to the betterment of our communities, as well as the safety and preservation of our planet. Continue reading

2022 Pennsylvania Green Party Candidate Richard Weiss

Allegheny County lawyer Richard Weiss is the 2022 Pennsylvania Green Party Candidate for U.S. Senate. KDKAThe KDKA Radio Morning Show With Larry Richert And Kevin BattleAugust 5, 2022 Continue reading

We're on the ballot!

The @GreenPartyofPA on Monday qualified for the ballot this Nov! Folks statewide can vote for @PKforPA for governor, Michael @BagdesCanning for lieutenant governor, and @RichardLWeiss for US Senator. Folks in parts of Pittsburgh can also vote for @Jaytingwalker or @ZarahForPA32!

History is Made at the State Board of Elections: The Green Party is Officially on the Ballot

The news is in. After a contentious series of meetings and actions, and ongoing legal wrangling, Damon Circosta, Chair of the State Board of Elections, spoke today. “I move that the State Board of Elections recognizes that the North Carolina Green Party has submitted sufficient petitioners to become a political party in the state.” Today, county and state investigations proved the Green Party’s petition to be recognised as a North Carolina political party was lawful. Board of Elections investigators submitted their findings before the State Board of Elections, asserting that wild accusations of rampant fraud were not, in fact, true. The Green Party needed 13,865 verified signatures of NC voters, and as of Aug 1, 2022, 15,472 signatures were both reviewed and validated by county boards and the state. Continue reading

PA Green Party candidate: It is time to fix things

When my candidacy for PA Lt. Governor was endorsed by the Green Party of PA (GPPA), I was excited to have the opportunity to relate to the movement for change on a different level. Over the last 40 years, I had become deeply involved with the movement to end fracking and to stop climate change. There were all kinds of struggles going on around me, but these movements were happening in silos. There was energy for change, but no one was doing the analysis or encouraging folks to turn up for the other’s events. Continue reading

It’s time for the pro-forced-birth delegates to be forced out of the legislature

The West Virginia House of Delegates has just passed a strict and draconian ban on abortion. Now is not the time to elect the same old anti-abortion delegates, including Delegate Zukoff. In a recent interview with Hoppy Kercheval, Delegate Zukoff stated: “I’m pro-life because I believe that God made me before I was in my mother’s womb and that, you know, life begins at conception. That’s my true belief.”  Continue reading