2022 Candidates

Below are noteworthy Green Party candidates currently running for office.
A complete list of 2022 Green candidates is located here.
Post-election Statements

Delilah Barrios appeared on The Adam Miller Show

Listen to Green Party of Texas' Gubernatorial candidate Delilah Barrios' interview on The Adam Miller Show. Vote for her to be the voice of the working class! Delilah Barrios grew up in what is well known around Texas as, ‘The Valley’. Born and raised in Brownsville, her family moved all over the coast to include Port Isabel, South Padre Island, and Houston. She has seen and experienced the disastrous effects of oil spills and fracking, causing her to be involved in the environmental movement. She also represents those who are fed up with losing personal rights. Learn more about the campaign at delilahfortexas.com.

Luis J Rodriguez for CA Governor 2022

First, I want to extend my deepest gratitude to you who, against the greatest odds, went all out for my 2022 campaign for California governor. The primary election finished on June 7. We did this campaign with hardly any money and no mass media. We were able to speak at events and gatherings all over Los Angeles County, including Boyle Heights, South Los Angeles, East Los Angeles, Pacoima, Panorama City, Sylmar, San Fernando, Pasadena, Altadena, Pomona, Alhambra, Claremont, and Venice. We did events in cities such as San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, Avenal, Fresno, Merced, Santa Ana, and San Diego. We also visited and interacted in Salinas, Kettleman City, Huron, Pomo land in Mendocino County, and others.  Continue reading

Democrats challenge Green Party's ballot petition for governor

The Democrats have challenged all the independent petitions for Governor after ramming through changes to the law to make it largely impossible for independent third parties to get on the ballot for statewide office. Howie Hawkins, the Green Party nominee for Governor, discusses the Democrats' ongoing efforts to suppress electoral challenges in New York. Continue reading

David Wetterer, ballot access champion, announces run for secretary of state

INDIANAPOLIS — David Wetterer has announced his candidacy as a write-in candidate for Indiana Secretary of State for the upcoming November 2022 Elections. Mr. Wetterer said in a recent social media post, "I would like to officially announce that I am running as a write-in candidate for Secretary of State in this election cycle. There are a lot of reasons why I am running for this specific office, but above all else the way things work currently in Indiana does not work for everyone. It certainly doesn't work for me. If you feel the same, I'm hopeful you will write me in. For more information about my campaign, please visit davidwetterer.com.” Continue reading

Bloom for Chesapeake School Board statement on proposed policy change

Bloom Campaign Response to Textbook Review Policy Revision Newly proposed change a "slap in the face" and "centralization of power" CHESAPEAKE, VA -- On Monday, May 23rd, the Chesapeake School Board presented for the first reading a revision to existing policy regarding controversial materials.1 One of the major proposed changes would seize power from school principles to establish review committees, instead centralizing it under the City’s Director of Curriculum and Instruction. Furthermore, any decisions made on materials are applied to the entire district, regardless of nuanced differences between each school from demographics to grade levels. Continue reading

Greens damn Democrats for anti-democratic assault on ballot access

June 9, 2022 – The Green Party of New York gubernatorial ticket decried today the objections filed by Democrats against their independent nominating petition. “We are not surprised that the objections were filed by Nassau County minions of the chair of the Nassau County and State Democratic committees, Jay Jacobs. Jacobs has been on a crusade to wipe the Green Party off of New York ballots. I don’t want to hear anymore hypocritical crocodile tears from anti-democratic Democrats like Jacobs about Republican attacks on voting rights. Party suppression is a form of voter suppression. It’s what authoritarian governments do. It is what Jacobs and the Democratic Party are doing,” said Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for Governor. Continue reading

Campaigning with Unity - and a little help from my friends!

We need to use every bit of power we have! More than 20 states have primaries this month, including California’s primary today, June 7. Whenever your state holds primaries or other elections, please do cast your vote! Especially in our outdated democracy, voting is not the only way to make needed changes in our world, but it is a power we have — along with wallet power, street power, and the power of organizing with other folks. Continue reading

Pacific Green Party candidates focus on campaign reform, ending wars

With the two major political parties racing to arm nations and individuals, a third party reminds us that Pacific also means “Peaceful.” At the Pacific Green Party’s June 4 nominating convention, conversations with U.S. Senate candidate Dan Pulju, US Congress candidate Mike Beilstein, and candidate for Governor of Oregon, Natalie Paravicini. Continue reading

Julio Cesar Flores for Congress

Endorsed by the LA Progressive and KNOCK LA I am Julio Cesar Flores the proud son of two wonderful compassionate, hardworking, undocumented college sweethearts who came to Southeast Los Angeles to achieve high ambitions. I was born in East L.A. My parents had blue collar jobs, my dad worked at a carwash 7 days per week and my mother was a waitress and a CNA at convalescent home. Despite both my parents’ holding college degrees in Business Accounting/Management from their home country Mexico, they never frowned upon individuals who sought working class occupations. Early on my parents taught me the importance of hard work, while emphasizing higher education is a doubled edged sword—in theory to uplift our communities or in application—to privatize it. Continue reading

Elect Veronika Fimbres for Insurance Commissioner, 2022

As California Insurance Commissioner, my staff and the Department of Insurance (“CDI”) will be in charge of regulating insurance companies, agents, brokers, and public adjusters doing business in our state. Our state laws and regulations protect consumers against unfair insurance practices. The Insurance Commissioner’s job is to make sure insurance companies live up to their promises and have enough money to pay claims. As your Insurance Commissioner, I vow to uphold the state's laws and regulations on these issues, and will work with the state leaders to help ensure we get UNIVERSAL single payer comprehensive HEALTH care for ALL Californians. Continue reading