2022 Candidates

Below are noteworthy Green Party candidates currently running for office.
A complete list of 2022 Green candidates is located here.

North Carolina Green Party Hosts Round Table Discussion

On Friday March 4th, conversations regarding climate justice and the two-party system took center stage in the Union's Morcott Room. The North Carolina Green Party senate candidate, Matthew Hoh, and NC Green Party co-chair, Tony N'dege, spoke about their experiences with American politics and their foray into activism. The Green party brands itself as an "alternate party," apart from the dominant Democratic and Republican parties. It focuses on addressing environmental issues and the inequities that they cause through a model of grassroots activism. Continue reading

Christina "PK" Digiulio announces campaign for Governor of PA

Christina "PK" Digiulio is announcing her candidacy for Governor of PA. She was interviewed by Chris Robinson, leader of the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) communication team. Please tell me, Who are you? Christina Digiulio: I am an avid lover of nature, a water protector and Pennsylvania resident near Marsh Creek Lake. I have a BA from Lock Haven University and am a former analytical chemist for the Department of Defense. I am a co-founder of the Watchdogs of SouthEastern Pennsylvania (WaSEPA) and the Better Path Coalition, and I have been actively opposed to Energy Transfer's Mariner East pipeline system and the fossil fuel industry. Continue reading

With a Little Help from my Friends...

After recent world events, I am even more committed to the Left Unity Slate. The slate is a cooperative project of candidates from the two corporate-free — and peace-loving — political parties: the Peace and Freedom Party and the Green Party. We are the candidates who know there are solutions. On a personal/global note about solutions, I remember my Air Force dad saying, after 9/11, "Wars never solve anything, and the people who send you there don’t go there." Continue reading

Matthew Hoh's Statement on Escalation in the Ukraine

We call for an immediate ceasefire and an end to the buildup of US troops near Ukraine. The answer to the situation in Ukraine must take a course of demilitarization, negotiations, and respect for the fundamental rights of all people to live in peace and safety. We stand not with any military empire, but with the people of Ukraine, Russia, Europe, and the millions of working American families who lack access to affordable healthcare, food, and housing as unchecked empire building drains our society of its resources. We call on the people of these nations, including our own, to take a stand and demand a peaceful resolution to this dangerous escalation. Fundamentally, the root cause of the unfurling crisis is greed and competition for energy markets and other commercial desires, and the delusions of crackpot "realist" geopolitics that dominate thinking in DC, London, Moscow, and Kyiv. Continue reading

Green Independents nominate Meiklejohn for special Senate election

ELLSWORTH, ME – Benjamin Meiklejohn was nominated as the Green Independent candidate for Senate District 7 in the upcoming special election being held on June 14. The Hancock County Green Independent Committee met on Feb. 13 and voted unanimously to nominate Meiklejohn. Meiklejohn, 50, of Mount Desert, will provide voters a rare opportunity to support a Green Independent in a large jurisdiction. Continue reading

Help us get Matthew Hoh on the ballot!

Want to vote for one of the most prominent antiwar activists in the United States? Thanks so much to all our supporters who generously donated to NC Green Party member Matthew Hoh's campaign for US Senate! Because of supporters like you, Matthew has raised more than $6,000 in just 10 days since his launch, which is very good for us all things considered. Matthew has also received public support from Chris Hedges, Jill Stein, and more activists and organizers in our movement for economic, social, racial, and environmental justice—in a word, for an ecosocialist, anti-capitalist future. This campaign is already exciting! Our focus now is to make sure Matt gets on the ballot as a Green candidate for the November election. And so: Continue reading

Brian Setzler for Portland City Auditor

Brian Setzler is a numbers guy with a passion for justice and fairness. Whether it is in building socially responsible small businesses or a long history of volunteer service in our community, Brian’s record reflects the values and priorities we need in our next Portland City Auditor. Brian grew up in the Pacific Northwest and has called Portland home for the last 35 years. He has been a licensed Oregon CPA for over 30 years. In his professional life, Brian has mixed a commitment to accuracy and best financial practices with a dedication to making the community better. Continue reading

Disabled War Veteran Announces Campaign for US Senate in North Carolina

Last month, I announced my candidacy for the Green Party nomination for the US Senate in North Carolina. I am a disabled Marine Corps combat veteran of the Iraq war. In 2009, I resigned from my position with the State Department in Afghanistan in protest of the escalation of the war. Since 2010, I have been a Senior Fellow with the Center for International Policy. This is my first political campaign. Continue reading

Kiel Corkran for Kansas Commissioner of Insurance

A Commissioner for the People! Kiel Corkran was born at St. Joseph Hospital in Kansas City, MO and grew up in Olathe, Kansas. His upbringing in Olathe fostered a sense of reasonability, integrity, and compassion as his family experienced financial and personal hardships. Continue reading

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Matthew Hoh for Senate Campaign Launch

The North Carolina Green Party is proud to announce our first-ever candidate for nomination for the US Senate, Matthew Hoh. A Wake Forest, NC resident, Matthew is a dues-paying member of the NCGP and has been enthusiastically endorsed by the party membership by consensus. Matthew shares his reasons for running on his campaign site: Continue reading