2022 Candidates

Below are noteworthy Green Party candidates currently running for office.
A complete list of 2022 Green candidates is located here.
Post-election Statements

Thinking Green with Michelle Louise Bicking

Thinking Green Host Rona interviews Michelle Louise Bicking on her campaign as the Connecticut Green Party candidate for Governor. Continue reading

Justin Paglino: Vote Your Values

On this July 4, as we reflect on the history and the state of our nation, I want everyone to know that, at least in my Congressional District (CT-03), Medicare for All will once again be on the ballot, along with Ranked Choice Voting (for multiparty democracy), a Universal Carbon Income (tax and dividend), an Economy for the 99%, and a Foreign Policy seeking Peace instead of Profit.  In other words, your values will be on the ballot, and I ask you to vote for them. Continue reading

Greens Cry Foul on Ballot Access Process for Independent Candidates

The Green Party of New York gubernatorial ticket expressed its outrage today at the ballot access process for independent candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor in New York. On Monday, June 27, the state Board of Elections ruled as invalid the independent nominating petitions of the Green Party and all four other gubernatorial candidates who are not already on the ballot as the Democratic and Republican candidates on the grounds of insufficient signatures. The other petitions were for the Libertarian, Unite, Freedom, and New Visions candidates. Continue reading

Matthew Hoh for Senate Blasts NC Board of Elections’ Corrupt Decision to Deny Green Party Ballot Petition

Raleigh, NC —  Today Matthew Hoh, presumptive North Carolina Green Party nominee for US Senate, blasted the decision by the North Carolina State Board of Elections (SBOE) to deny the Green Party’s ballot access petition. “The NC State Board of Elections decision to deny the Green Party our rightfully earned place on the ballot is a corrupt, lawless, and blatantly partisan attack on democracy,” said Matthew Hoh. “It’s a slap in the face to the thousands of people who signed, to our grassroots organizers who worked tirelessly to collect thousands of signatures during an ongoing pandemic, and to everyone who believes in democracy itself.” Continue reading

"We Are Now the Only Progressive Option Left" say Green Party Candidates After the Primaries

The Green Party of New York gubernatorial ticket of Howie Hawkins and Gloria Mattera said that they are the only option for progressive voters after the defeat of Jumaane Williams for Governor and Ana Maria Archila for Lt. Governor in the Democratic primaries on Tuesday. "We are now the only progressive option left after the primary elections. The Green ticket is now the only way to vote for the economic, social, racial, and environmental justice programs that progressives in New York have been demanding, including universal public health care, universal public child care, building public renewables, building affordable public housing, tuition-free public college, and more progressive taxes to pay for these reforms," said Howie Hawkins, the Green nominee for Governor. Continue reading

Wake up! Get out!

Roe v Wade being overturned has officially set us back decades of progress. Conservative leadership has just told us that Women do not deserve autonomy. Instead of backing and supporting protections for women in disenfranchised communities we have instead added another obstacle for them to face. Women are abused and impregnated, raped and impregnated, or maybe they simply do not want to have a child and made a mistake.  Continue reading

Nonviolent Direct Action to Stop Climate Change

On the weekend of June 11-13, the PA Climate Convergence demonstrated outside the PA Capitol in Harrisburg. Representatives of 77 organizations called for urgent legislative and administrative action on climate. They wanted a path to climate justice which includes the phase out of greenhouse gas production and a just transition to clean, renewable energy for those most affected by the exploitative fossil fuel and petrochemical economy. On Monday, June 13, demonstrators presented the PA Governor and General Assembly with a petition signed by 6,000 citizens demanding that the government Continue reading

Lacey Township Committee incumbents face another challenger in November

Barry Bendar, a member of the Green Party, has announced his candidacy for Lacey Township Committee in the general election LACEY, NJ — Another challenger is joining the race for Lacey Township Committee. Barry Bendar told Patch he is running in the November general election under the Green Party. Continue reading

Howie Hawkins talks about running for New York Governor

Howie Hawkins spoke with Cynthia Pooler about his campaign for Governor of New York. Focus on Albany with Cynthia PoolerJune 20, 2022 Continue reading

Meet Matthew Hoh

See for yourself what makes Matthew Hoh the strongest candidate for people power in the North Carolina senate race. Continue reading