Biden Must Issue Executive Orders on Climate, Halt Fossil Fuels

WASHINGTON, DC — The EcoAction Committee of the Green Party of the United States (Green Party US) condemns President Biden’s year of climate negligence and renews the call to pressure the president to declare a climate emergency and issue a comprehensive series of related Executive Orders, as described on Continue reading

Statement From Green Party US Steering Committee on COVID-19 Vaccines and Mandates

WASHINGTON — The Green Party of the United States Steering Committee strongly supports the use of vaccines, vaccine mandates and quarantines as part of a comprehensive public health effort to curb and eradicate the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that has swept the globe since early 2020. Continue reading

Greens’ Elections Observer in Venezuela Impressed by “Advanced,” “Fair and Democratic” Process

Report from Green Party of the United States National Co-Chair Ahmed Eltouny as the Green Party’s onsite observer at the November 21 Venezuelan elections Continue reading

COP26 Agreements Will Lead to Climate Collapse, Says Green Party

Greens rebuke false solutions from world leaders, call for a Global Green New Deal WASHINGTON — The Green Party of the United States said today that the COP26 world climate summit in Glasgow failed to produce the radical action scientists say is needed to avoid climate collapse, and that the only way for humanity to prevent catastrophe for life on Earth is a global Green New Deal. Continue reading

Greens Score at Least 22 Victories in November Elections

WASHINGTON — Maine Green Independent Party candidates Anna Trevorrow and Scott Harriman winning city council races in Portland and Lewiston (the state’s first- and second-most populous cities, respectively) are highlights among the national party’s 22 electoral victories declared since polls closed on Tuesday. Continue reading

Green Party Calls Dems' Surrender to Fossil Fuel Lobby a Global Disaster

The Green Party of the United States today slammed President Biden and Congressional Democrats for apparently agreeing to slash funding for fighting climate change in their “Build Back Better Plan” to $30 billion a year. That figure amounts to 1/25 of the budget for the U.S. military, the world’s biggest consumer of oil. Continue reading

As Election Day draws near, Green Party candidates push for equal pay, universal basic income, and fair taxation to jumpstart the economy

Greens point to bipartisan withdrawal of economic support measures even as the pandemic continues, endangering the health and well-being of millions Continue reading

Green Party National Black Caucus on The United States’ Haitian Humanitarian Crisis

There can be no denying that the recent releases of videos showing Haitian refugees appearing to be whipped and corralled by white men on horses at the US border are reminiscent of slavery days and slave tracking and bear the same shameful scar of racism and intolerance in the United States of America. Continue reading

Statement on the U.S. Occupation of Afghanistan - Green Party of the United States

The Green Party of the United States deplores the waste of lives and treasure involved in America’s longest overseas war. Nearly 200,000 Afghans dead, almost 2,500 U.S. servicemen and women killed, trillions of dollars in American taxpayers’ money and twenty years of lost opportunities for building a more equitable and just society at home – all for nothing. Predictably, the mainstream media is having a field day with the tragic events unfolding in Afghanistan over the past week, but there’s one fact you’ll never, ever hear from them. The Green Party of the United States, back in 2001, got it right: we said no to war. Continue reading

Statement on the Collapse of Government of Afghanistan — Green Party Peace Action Committee (GPAX)

The sudden, calamitous collapse of the US-empowered government of Afghanistan is the consequence of twenty years of dishonest and incompetent foreign policy. The blame for this disastrous era lies squarely with the Washington foreign policy establishment, also known as the military-industrial complex. This powerful alliance of defense contractors, government officials, academics, and media organizations has advocated bellicose policies and military adventurism that have spread ruin and chaos in nations across the globe. The failure in Afghanistan is only the latest and most stunning proof of the malignant and incompetent character of this pro-war establishment. Continue reading