Green Party affirms support for the Puerto Rican Day Parade on June 11

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Green Party of the United States, led by the party's Latinx Caucus, affirmed its support for the 60th annual Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City on Sunday, June 11. "Greens called for the release of Oscar López Rivera long before President Obama commuted his prison sentence during the final days of the Obama Administration. We're pleased to see him honored as 'Procer de la Libertad' -- National Freedom Hero -- in the Puerto Rican Day Parade," said Hector López, a member of the Green Party of Connecticut. Continue reading

Green Party of Philadelphia's Statement on Primary Election Results

With preliminary results of the 2017 Primary Election now in, and given the Democratic Party's stranglehold on our city's politics, it is clear that Larry Krasner will be Philadelphia's next District Attorney. It is the Green Party of Philadelphia's hope that Krasner will abandon the longstanding pattern of corruption established by our city's elected officials, as most recently exemplified by our present District Attorney, Seth Williams. The Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP) calls upon Krasner, if elected District Attorney, to bring an end to a criminal justice system that criminalizes poverty and race while letting white-collar corporate crimes go unpunished. The Green Party recognizes that Krasner's platform includes many reforms which are in line with our party's key values, and we hope that he honors these pledges in office, specifically: Continue reading

New Orleans Green Party Opposes Monument Legislation

The Green Party of New Orleans decries current efforts of the state legislature to impede the removal of Confederate monuments from our local streetscape. "The Green Party finds that local grassroots governing best serves communities," said Anika Ofori, a Green Party of New Orleans organizer and member of the Green Party of the United States Black Caucus. "Recent events reveal the psychological significance of these confederate monuments very clearly. Removing these monuments to a place where their history is recognized, as Confederates, can be achieved in an appropriate location." Continue reading

Green Party of the U.S. supports hunger strike by Palestinian prisoners

Greens alarmed by proposed "Jewish State" bill to intensify Israeli apartheid WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Green Party leaders today expressed solidarity for Palestinian hunger strikers in their demand for improved prison conditions and treatment during their incarceration, including visitation rights. In New Jersey, Greens participated in the "Salt Water Challenge" announced by Aarab Barghouti, son of Palestinian political prisoner Marwan Barghouti, in solidarity with the Dignity Strike prisoners. Continue reading

GPVA Condemns Rally in Charlottesville

Green Party of Virginia Condemns Racist RallyStands with Mayor of Charlottesville The Green Party of Virginia joins Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer in condemning the racist torch lit rally recently held by white supremacists in Charlottesville, VA. The rally, which included infamous white-nationalist Richard Spencer, was held to protest the decision to remove the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee from a park. Continue reading

Green Party of Philadelphia endorses EQAT's "Walk for Green Jobs & Justice"

The April membership meeting of the Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP) endorsed the Earth Quaker Action Team's (EQAT) "Walk for Green Jobs and Justice". The walk is part of EQAT's larger campaign, "Power Local Green Jobs," which demands that PECO -- PA's largest utility company -- invest in locally generated solar power that benefits low-income communities and communities of color. The Green Party platform is closely aligned with the mission of this campaign, as it highlights several of the Greens stated values. Chris Robinson, the GPOP membership secretary, points out that the Green Party platform says, "Greens support science-based policies to curb climate change. We have an ambitious plan to make drastic changes quickly to avert global catastrophe. We will expend maximum effort to preserve a planet friendly to life as we know it by curtailing greenhouse gas emissions and actively removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere." Continue reading

Frank Cetera to run for Syracuse Common Council

Frank Cetera will declare his candidacy for Councilor At-Large on Monday, May 8 at 12:15 PM on the front steps of Syracuse City Hall. Cetera will outline his plan for A SYRACUSE THAT WORKS - jobs for its people and a city government that gets things done. Continue reading

Green Party of Virginia Calls for Medicare for All

Corporate Parties Unable to Address the Crisis Richmond, VA –  The Green Party of Virginia calls for a Medicare type healthcare system for all Americans. At a time when our legislators from the two corporate led parties have demonstrated the inability to adequately address the crisis before us, we call for a federally administered single-payer health care program. Universal single-payer health care means comprehensive coverage for all Americans as a right of citizenship. Continue reading

Green Party of Ohio calls for termination of Rover Pipeline project

CLEVELAND OH – The Green Party of Ohio has issued a call for the immediate termination of the Rover Pipeline project. This project is being constructed by a subsidiary of Energy Transfer Partners, the same company that is involved in the infamous Dakota Access Pipeline that dominated news coverage over the past year. The Rover Pipeline, which would cross several Ohio counties from the SE to NW parts of our state, has already received violation notices from the Ohio EPA regarding the leaking of drilling fluids into sensitive wetland areas in Richland and Stark counties. Continue reading

The Green Party will hold its 2017 Annual National Meeting in Newark, New Jersey, July 13-16

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Green Party of the United States will hold its 2017 Annual National Meeting in Newark, New Jersey, from Thursday, July 13 to Sunday, July 16. Greens will convene at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark. The 2017 meeting will feature Green Party panels, workshops, meetings of the Green National Committee, and other events. Green candidates running in 2017 and 2018 and elected officials are expected to attend. Continue reading