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Utah Greens to meet on Saturday

Join the Green Party of Utah for our monthly meeting this Saturday, February 25th, from 5:00 –7:00 pm at Mestizo Coffeehouse, located at 631 West North Temple in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. We will be meeting in the private boardroom. Continue reading

Utah Greens begin ballot access petition drive

The Green Party of Utah petition is available for download! Please join our forum to download the pages. We are circulating this petition in an effort to make the Green Party of Utah a qualified political party in the state of Utah. We must collect 2,000 valid signatures. Typically about 65-70% of signatures are valid, so we will need closer to 3,000 signatures. The deadline for turning in petitions is November 15th. Continue reading

Barkenhagen to run for Glens Falls councilman at-large

GLENS FALLS, NY — Downtown retail shop owner and musician Robin Barkenhagen on Friday announced his candidacy for Glens Falls councilman at-large on the Green Party line. "Being a member of the Green Party, I believe that I can bring a fresh perspective to the issues that we face in the city, while not losing sight of the fact that I need to represent the best interests of our citizens," Barkenhagen said in a press release. Continue reading

Sunflower Seed January 2017

Minneapolis, MN – Welcome to the January 2017 issue of the Sunflower Seed! In this issue you will find all of the announced 2017 Green endorsement seeking candidates, meet new staff, and see how Green officeholders around the world are resisting Trump! Enjoy! We need YOU to become a sustaining donor! We need your help to maintain our office administrator through the year and beyond! If just 40 people on this email donated $10 a month we would meet our goal! Sign up here: Become a Sustaining Donor for the Green Party of Minnesota Continue reading

Knox County Newsletter

  Why We March On January 21, 2017, just one day after the polemic spewing Donald Trump was inaugurated President, millions of women across the globe came together to send a message. For the past year and a half, the world has watched horrified while he pushed the boundaries of what a person hoping to gain public trust can say aloud. As his racist, sexist, xenophobic, islamophobic hateful rhetoric stepped up, we were appalled. Worse yet was the fact that he seemed to be gaining support. It was this fact that scared us the most. His supporters, emboldened by their numbers, who felt it appropriate to brought us to doubt humanity. Continue reading

CCC Webinar: Women Running for Office

This webinar, scheduled for February 28th, is designed for women candidates, and those considering a run for office, to learn more about the challenges and considerations that running as a woman entails. This particular session will feature two Green women who are current and former candidates: Karen Kubby and Cheri Honkala. Continue reading

Monday meeting in New Orleans

Such furor over the last month! Is this what it takes for America to get roused? For those of us who have been actively resisting the previous administration, and the one before that, and the one before that, it is tempting to respond by saying, "What took you so long?" Or: "Where were you when we needed you?" Or even: "I told this would happen!" However, it's my opinion that we can't afford such luxuries. The current widespread unrest and unprecedented levels of civic involvement surely represent an opportunity, and our challenge is to make the most of it, for the common good. Continue reading

North Iowa Greens endorse call for national general strike

Mason City, Iowa – Where Do We Go From Here (A non-partisan community action group) and The 4th District Green Party Chapter have joined to support our union workers on General Strike Day. The Green Party co-chair has reached out to the Cerro Gordo Democratic Party via their Facebook page along with an invitation to their co-chair of the 4th District Democrats. We would love to welcome the Democratic Party to the event. Under the current administration, our union workers are under attack. First, the Trump administration came for the Muslims, and now he is coming for immigrants and is targeting our hard-working union men and women. Continue reading

Athens-Clark County Greens to meet on Saturday

In Athens Georgia, the progressive heart of Georgia, students are hard at work, trying to build the Georgia Green Party from the ground up on our campus. The Athens-Clarke County Green Party will be holding a meeting on February 4th, 2017. The meeting will take place between  2:00 pm and 5:00 pm. All are invited. Continue reading

Greater Boulder Green Party Gathering

  What's next for the local Green Party? What are your ideas for increasing the visibility and the influence of the Greens? What do you think are the key issues we should address? What would you like to do to help us grow? Continue reading