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Pacific Green Party testimony to the Joint Committee on ​Transportation in support of HB 2015

The Pacific Green Party supports and urges the passage of HB 2015 because it is the right thing to do economically and morally for the following reasons: Continue reading

ACTION ALERT: Stand up for Voter Freedom in Texas

As you know, Texas election law is currently among the most undemocratic and restrictive in the country, prohibiting people from their democratic right to vote for alternatives to the Democratic and Republican parties. Recent estimates show that some 83,000 petition signatures would be needed, from people who have not voted in a previous primary, in order to put the Green Party on the ballot in Texas. The current law states that if those signatures are not collected, then a candidate for a statewide office would have to reach 5 percent of the vote in order to ensure their party retains ballot status. Martina Salina's heroic campaign in 2016 for Railroad Commission received over 2 percent ... a powerful effort, but one which sadly fell short. But Martina's effort appears to be close to bearing fruit, finally. Continue reading

Mother's Day for PEACE

All are welcome to celebrate the true meaning of Mother's Day! Centerville, Virginia – Mother's Day today is not what was intended by its founders. In 1870, Juliet Ward Howe wrote the "Mother's Day Proclamation," a call to action that asked mothers to unite in promoting world peace. President Trump's proposed budget has 62 cents of every dollar in taxes going to the military. Continue reading

News from the Maryland Green Party

Maryland Green Party State Assembly The Maryland Green Party's (MGP) annual state assembly will be on Saturday, June 8, 2019 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., at the Baltimore County Pubic Library (Towson Branch), 320 York Road, in Towson, 21204. Hear about issues MGP members are working on, discuss a strategic plan for the MGP and recruiting local candidates. We are inviting candidates for the Green Party presidential nomination to the assembly and are planning further opportunities to hear from them as we get closer to the nomination. The assembly will also elect MGP officers for the coming year. Continue reading

On the Verge of Democracy in NYC!

Brooklyn, New York – We're now in the homestretch of getting Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) implemented for NYC elections! Come to City Hall tonight, Thursday, May 9, for the Manhattan public hearing and show your support for this fair voting system. Watch testimony from the Brooklyn hearing. Let the City Council Charter Commission know why we need RCV, not just for primaries and special elections, but for general elections as well!No need to sign up in advance to testify, but we'd love to know if you're coming. Green Party of Brooklyn will be there to help with talking points. Continue reading

Run for local office with Green Party support!

  Seattle, Washington – Would you like to run for office as a Green and with good Green support? Here's your chance! The Green Party of Washington Campaign Committee will select one Green candidate - or maybe two - and ask the state Coordinating Council to begin recruiting Greens across the state to become actively involved in the selected campaign(s). Continue reading

Green Party of Santa Clara County May Newsletter

Santa Clara, California – This week, May Day was celebrated around the world with marches & rallies to defend and protect workers' rights and demand economic equity, social justice, environmental responsibility, and global peace. Meanwhile, yet another U.S.-orchestrated coup to topple Venezuela's democratically-elected President Maduro has failed! 'We the People' know these issues are related. The U.S. disastrous economic policies of greed have led to growing income inequality, marginalization of our poor, lack of nationalized healthcare for all, and worldwide political instability. And we say #ENOUGH! Continue reading

Green New Deal Town Hall!

Bucks County, Pennsylvania –The purpose of this town hall is to provide our community with the chance to learn about the ambition, opportunity, and promise of a Green New Deal, hear from political and community leaders, and help everyone understand that the GND isn't about taking away cows or cars; it's about building things up and investing in the American people. Vera Cole, President of the Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Association, Jenny Isaacs, Chair of the Bucks County Green Party, and Russell Zerbo, a representative of the Clean Air Council, will speak about various aspects of the Green New Deal and take questions from the audience. Continue reading

New York State Convention on May 11

Saturday, May 11: Calling ALL Greens to Our Statewide Meeting and State Committee Platform Vote Join us in Rensselaer for the Green Party of New Yorks's 2019 Statewide meeting! Continue reading

Green Party of Minnesota announce annual convention

The Green Party of Minnesota is having it's annual summer convention on Sunday June 29th from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the First Universalist Church, 3400 Dupont Ave S, Minneapolis, MN The agenda will include the hearing of resolutions, updating of bylaws and voting by the membership, election of CC members for 4 at Large seats, 1 youth seat, and 5 regional seats with no formal congressional district: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th, and 8th congressional districts. We will also hear updates from our elected officials and award our 1st Green Party Impact Awards in the categories of the 4 pillars. Continue reading