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Hands off Venezuela

On Saturday, March 16, thousands of people will march in Washington, D.C. against the Trump administration's effort to engineer a coup in Venezuela. The aggressive policy against Venezuela repeats the ugly pattern of wars for regime change in the oil-rich countries of Iraq and Libya. National Security Advisor John Bolton is reading from the same script, declaring a "troika of tyranny" in Latin America (like the "axis of evil") as a precursor for regime change first in Venezuela, and then Cuba and Nicaragua. Trump has always said that the "mistake" of the Middle East wars was that the U.S. didn't "take the oil." Continue reading

In The News: Green New Deal Forum in Albany; Facebook Live Town Hall Tonight

TONIGHT: Facebook Live Town Hall at 8:00 p.m. (Thursday, March 14) Join us tonight at 8:00 p.m. EDT to discuss the first draft of our 2019 Platform in a Facebook Livestream Town Hall. Continue reading

2019 Green Party of New Mexico State Convention

The Green Party of New Mexico (GPNM) will hold its state meeting and convention on Saturday April 13. Among the business to be conducted will be election of new officiers. Oliver LaFarge Library 1730 Llano Street, Santa Fe, NM We will be meeting in the Community Room from 11:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. MDT  For more information, contact [email protected].

State Convention in Pittsburgh

The Green Party Pennsylvania (GPPA) will host a 2-day Convention on March 23 and 24 at the Pittsburgh Mennonite Church in Swissvale (Pittsburgh) PA. You will not want to miss out on this event. Together we will focus on how to run meaningful local campaigns while embracing the necessity of global issues like that of the Green New Deal during what will certainly be a tumultuous 2019-2020 campaign season. To help us charge up for the task we will be joined by Howie Hawkins, a three-time New York Gubernatorial candidate, as well as Dario Hunter and Ian Schlakman who are are both seeking the 2020 Green Party US Presidential nomination. They will kick-off the event as we ask what a successful Green Party will look like in the next few years. Continue reading

Building the Green Party of Tennessee and the National Green Party

Elections are great for the short term building of the party. They accomplish name recognition. They accomplish wider understanding of what the party is about. However they do not do away with the Republican/Democratic lock-hold on the election system. We need to be going out speaking about the purpose of the Party. The actions including trying to get bills introduced at local, state and federal levels. Continue reading

Oily Wells March and more!

The March for Fossil Fuel Freedom: A 34-mile walk to Expose Oily Wells Wells Fargo Bank has a dirty-energy secret: it's a leading lender to the fossil-fuel industry. That's why a coalition of supporters - including Santa Clara County Green Party - is participating in a campaign targeting San Francisco-based "Oily Wells" and marching 34 miles, from Palo Alto to San Francisco. Continue reading

Green Party of NJ Letter of Support for March 16 Hands Off VZ!

The Green Party of New Jersey is supporting and participating in two upcoming national marches in Washington, D.C. to oppose the US coup-plotting toward Venezuela and to oppose NATO’s role in endless US war-making. The first one is on Saturday March 16 and the second one on Saturday March 30.  We are working with our movement partners #NJAntiWarAgenda, NJ Peace Council, Hands Off Venezuela, NJ and others toward mobilizing a bus to each of these events. Continue reading

We need forests of change , and you can help us plant themWe need forests of change , and you can help us plant them

Change is a constant, but we Greens work for change at an unprecedented scale, because that is what our world needs. By seeding our communities with the small changes we want, we continue to gather power to collectively create massive forests of change from the small seedlings we nurture everyday. We invite you to join us at these events and actions and help plant the world with revolutionary change. "If we have a future, it will be green." ~ Petra Kelly, cofounder of the German Green Party Continue reading

National Lobby Week

Greens from all over the United States will join together in Washington, D.C. April 1-5, 2019 to lobby their congresspeople by asking them to take the the "Public Funding Only Pledge". Additionally, they will be asked to sponsor or co-sponsor a bill in Congress to free our elections from any sort of bribery cash: special interest PAC, corporate or dark money donations. Instead, qualified candidates from every party would get an equal chance in TV, radio and printed ads, debates and appearances. This would allow other voices to be heard and the American voters to be aware of all of their choices. The lobby starts on April 1st (Monday) and runs until the 5th (Friday). It will be in the halls of Congress. Information and downloads available at: www.greensvsgreed.org. Continue reading

Which state-wide action should the Missouri Green Party have?

The Missouri Green Party Coordinating Committee has been discussing a statewide action that party chapters will work on this spring. We need to know your preferences. Potential issues have been narrowed down to four. Please read a description of each below and email this back to  [email protected] BY MONDAY MARCH 11 with your preferences RANK ORDERED as follows: Continue reading