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With No Objections - PA Greens Make It On the Ballot

Thanks to the support of our wonderful volunteers the petitions for our six Green candidates to gain access to the November election ballot have passed the test without objection!  This ensures that Pennsylvanians have an opportunity to vote for candidates who will promote public policy based on the four pillars of the Green Party: Grassroots Democracy, Social Justice, Nonviolence, and Ecological Wisdom.   Our candidates now need your support to propel their campaigns to the finish line. Please be sure to follow and share their information on social media, volunteer for their campaigns, and donate when you can to help our candidates.  Details of our ballot qualified candidates are below and a list of resources is at the end of this email for you to connect with these candidates running for office in 2018. Continue reading

Green Wave Telethon

The Green Party of the United States (GPUS) is excited to announce our first national Green Wave Telethon. On Saturday, August 18th, tune in for live interviews with candidates from across the nation, hosted by David Cobb, Philena Farley and Erin Fox. The telethon will take place at https://www.facebook.com/GreenPartyUS/. The telethon is a joint project of the GPUS Coordinated Campaign Committee and Media Committee, intended to raise awareness about candidates currently running for office and to raise money for the Coordinated Campaign Committee's candidate fund. Continue reading

August Green Star News and Events from the Green Party of Pennsylvania

Green Party of PA News Highlights Greetings Fellow Greens and Green Supporters! Yesterday the Green Party of Pennsylvania filed for ballot access for six great PA candidates for the November election.  These candidates offer an alternative choice for those voters who refuse to support a continuation of the same old corporate-sponsored politics that perpetuate the destruction of our environment, the polarization and destabilization of our economy, the systematic oppression and imprisonment of persons of color, and the unending export of war and death throughout the world; all in the name of profit no matter which party is in power.  I am honored and excited to be a part of these Green campaigns that offer concrete recommendations to reverse the damage and lead us toward a future where people are valued above profits. Continue reading

Green Party of Santa Clara August 2018 Newsletter

The Green Party of Santa Clara County is kicking it into high gear campaigning for our THREE Green congressional candidates that have passed the Top Two hurdle and are on the November ballot. THIS IS HISTORICAL FOLKS! It's a rare opportunity for us to get a Green into congress to bring our values and demand to light. Imagine what a corporate-free congress could do for "We The People"! Continue reading

Why Do You Vote for Third Party Candidates?

Green Party of Monroe County co-chair, Dave Sutliff-Atias was invited to come on Connections with Evan Dawson on WXXI-AM this Friday, August 10th from 1:00 – 2:00pm EST to discuss "the idea of voting for a third-party." Here is your chance to call in, email, or FB message why you have / will vote Green. You can listen to the show live at http://www.wxxinews.org/programs/connections Continue reading

Join the Green Wave to Defeat Corporate Politics

We invite you to join the Green Wave in support the three California candidates running corporate-free for Congress; Kenneth Mejia (CD 34), Rodolfo Cortes Barragan (CD 40), and Laura Wells (CD 13). The November 6th election is less than 14 weeks away and our candidates have a LOT of phone calls to make and doors to knock on, and they need our help to get the word out about this historic opportunity to get Greens into Congress. Continue reading

Historic Green Party Primary Election in Missouri!

Tuesday August 7th is a historic day because it is the first primary election ever for the Missouri Green Party! Before we achieved statewide ballot access in 2016, we didn’t have primaries. This year, we also have our first ever primary race for US Senate between our members Jerome Bauer and Jo Crain! And in Jackson County, endorsed Green Party member Nathan Kline is fending off a challenge from a non-member to be our party’s County Executive candidate. Continue reading

Latest News from Brooklyn

What happens if Spectrum is kicked out of New York?  The chance to have New York become the first state to have publicly funded broadband.  Help Howie Hawkins and Jia Lee build this campaign by signing the petition.Check out Mark Dunlea for Comptoller and Michael Sussman for Attorney General, our other two statewide candidates. Sussman was interviewed this week on WAMC from Albany. The lengthly interview can be heard on-line.  Continue reading

It Comes Together: The NOLA Platform

Our Local Platform: Bringing It All Together Over a series of meetings, we have explored the various "planks" of a local platform for social justice, ecological wisdom, nonviolence, and grassroots democracy, with help from members and allies. You can see summaries of these meetings by clicking on the links in this paragraph. Now it's time to draw together what we've learned and formulate a concise and coherent platform. Join us for this extended afternoon session. Continue reading

Pinellas Greens Statement On Clearwater Racist Murder: "Gualtieri, Get The Hell Out Of Pinellas!"

Ho hum. Another racist murder. Another Trayvon Martin. This time in Clearwater, Florida. Raving racist Michael Drejka deliberately provoked a fight with a Black woman over a convenience store parking spot, got shoved by Markeis McGlockton, her boyfriend, and then took careful aim and drilled the Black man in cold blood. Act two, as tragedy turns into farce. "He had to shoot to defend himself," said Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri. "Those are the facts and that's the law." Continue reading