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Next steps for the Baltimore Greens

On Monday evening, November 21, 2016, members and supporters of the Baltimore Green Party met to discuss the recent election and to lay out plans for 2017. A large diverse turnout of at least 70 people attended. The meeting was an idea session -- people making suggestions on actions, issues and outreach for the party. One suggestion from a member of Margaret Flowers campaign staff applied more to a national rather than local effort. He suggested that a survey of campaigns around the country be taken of lessons learned from running for office, stating "we can learn a lot from each others successes and failures". Continue reading

Trump Immigration Policy Opposed: Atlanta Mayoral Candidate To Speak Out At News Conference

Green Party Mayoral Candidate Al Bartell Responds To Trump Chief Of Staff On Immigration Today, November 22, 2016, Atlanta Mayoral Candidate Al Bartell will release an immigration public policy statement in a news conference from 2-2:30pm at the public space of Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta (91 Peachtree St NW, Atlanta, GA 30303). Continue reading

Wisconsin Green Party Annual Meeting

The Wisconsin Green Party will hold it's Annual Meeting on Saturday, November 19th in Kenosha. The meeting will take place at Fusion, 5014 7th Avenue in Kenosha and will last from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. This year's meeting is being co-hosted by the Kenosha County Green Party. Jill Stein would be calling or skyping-in to speak during the meeting The meeting will start with a post-election political discussion including how do you feel about the elections and what should WI Greens do this next year? Continue reading

Minnesota Greens support Standing Rock

Statement from the Winona County Green Party at Today’s Standing Rock Solidarity Rally The Winona County Green Party stands in solidarity with the Water Protectors at Standing Rock, and we are honored that the Winona-Dakota Unity Alliance has given us the opportunity to speak today. Together, we give voice to the voiceless - the water and air that sustains us. We are here to defend the rights of nature - the rights of water and air to remain clean and pure. Continue reading

Local Green Party candidates disappointed but not deterred

Glens Falls, NY – The Green Party in Warren County had candidates on the ballot Tuesday in every race except judges and coroner. "We tried really hard to put forward a physician assistant to run for coroner," said Matt Funiciello, the Green Party candidate in the 21st Congressional District. Continue reading

Run for Office in 2017!

The 2016 elections are over, and the filing deadline for the 2017 elections in Illinois is coming up fast! If you've ever contemplated running for office, there's no better time than now. A majority of elections in Illinois go uncontested in almost every election cycle. "Elected" officials aren't actually campaigning at all in many towns, villages, counties, and other districts -- and that means they're not answerable to voters, either. Continue reading

Alabama Green Party Statement on the Presidential Election

November 12, 2016 – Despite being the least popular presidential candidate in recent history, Donald Trump has been elected president of the United States. Trump ran a campaign based on astounding levels of xenophobia and racism, calling for a ban on Muslims entering the country and a wall spanning the entire US-Mexico border. This campaign came under fire seemingly once a week with revelations of Trump’s lack of personal integrity and deep misogyny. After he openly boasted about sexually assaulting women, twelve women came forward with stories of being assaulted by Trump. On November 28, Trump will appear in court to face charges of fraud stemming from Trump University. In the face of all of these scandals, which would usually destroy a political career, Trump was able to soundly win the presidency. Continue reading

The 2018 Election Campaign starts NOW!

If we've learned one thing about the recent election campaign, it is that the Republican and Democratic parties don't care about us or our planet. Whomever is elected will no doubt govern in the same distructful manner as their cohorts have for decades. Only the Jill Stein and Baraka Ajamu ticket addressed the issues promoting people, planet, and peace over profit. Together we can change that. We can turn Wisconsin Green! Continue reading

Election Watch Party in Charleston, SC

Join the Charleston Green Party as we watch the election results and cheer on our Green candidates!  Tuesday, November 8, 7:15pm at the newly-renovated Manny's Neighborhood Grille, 1680 Old Towne Rd, Charleston, SC 29407 (near the North Bridge in West Ashley).  RSVP via Facebook.

It's time, Mass voters: Go Green in 2016!

There are only three days left to Election Day on November 8th and it has been very exciting. We have seen the Green Party run candidates and get exposure like never before. Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka have not only helped build a national movement with their run for President and Vice President of the United States but also placed the Green Party on the map again. Further, in Massachusetts we have two candidates running for the office of State Representative. They are: Danny Factor for the 14th Middlesex District and Charlene DiCalogero for the 12th Worcester District. With your support the Green Party, and its Massachusetts affiliate, the Green-Rainbow Party will continue to lead the way with strong and viable candidates like these. Continue reading