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Green Party Celebrates NY Candidates and Important Victories for Ranked Choice Voting and Independent Redistricting

November 6, 2019 — The Green Party of New York (GPNY) congratulated all of its candidates today, especially Carol Sandy Przybylak, who received 25% of the vote in her race for a seat on the Cheektowaga Town Council. Green officials also celebrated the success of the Ranked-Choice Voting (RCV) ballot proposition in New York City, and the Independent Redistricting proposition in the City of Syracuse. Continue reading

Wisconsin Green Party seeks 2020 candidates

MADISON, Wi – Have you thought about running for office?  Even if you haven’t, consider the following: Americans are close to rebellion against the political establishment. National polls consistently show that roughly 60% of Americans - and over 70% of millennials - agree that the establishment parties are failing us, and that we need a new major party. Continue reading

Green Party City Council Candidates Plan Busy Election Day

Rochester, NY – Local Green Party of Monroe County candidates for Rochester City Council and their supporters have a busy day lined up on Election Day, Tuesday, November 5th. All three candidates will be voting, along with providing rides to the polls, and an Election Night celebration. Continue reading

Green Party stands with Tom Reale against political corruption and bullying

ALBANY, NY, October 31, 2019 – Rensselaer County Executive Steve McLaughlin, Rensselaer County Republican operative Rich Crist, former Troy mayoral candidate Jim Gordon, and former Congressman John Sweeney threatened their own Republican Troy mayoral candidate Tom Reale to drop out of the race and endorse Democrat Rodney Wiltshire or risk losing his job with the NYS Senate. Continue reading

Sowing the Seeds

PHILADELPHIA – The 2020 election season is off to a fast start, and the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) has big plans. We want Green candidates across the Commonwealth to run for state legislature.  We know voters are tired of the same old politics in Harrisburg, and ready to hear new voices supporting the 4 Pillars and 10 Key Values of the Green Party.   To ordinary citizens, running for office often feels intimidating.  The Green Wave Team of GPPA is here to educate potential candidates from the start.   And between now and the end of this year, our Sowing the Seeds candidate incentive campaign will make a $250 donation to all candidates who organize and file a campaign committee for 2020. Continue reading

Green Party of Washington 2019 Fall Gathering

SEATTLE – On Saturday, November 9th the Green Party of Washington State will hold our annual Fall Gathering in Seattle. We hope all local chapters will send representatives to this statewide Gathering of Greens.  Come meet Green Party supporters from across the State All supporters are welcome to attend, regardless of membership status or level of activity. Registration is on a sliding scale. No one will be turned away due to financial hardship. Continue reading

October 2019 Newsletter from the Maryland Green Party

BALTIMORE – Over the past year, the Maryland Green Party has been actively working to regain Ballot Access and to lay a foundation for the 2020 election. We look forward to the 2020’s as a crucial decade for the direction of the state of Maryland and for the Planet, we know that increasingly more and more people are demanding an alternative to the two party system and we want to be well positioned to be that alternative. So far this year we have: Continue reading

More Greens Running in Connecticut than other states

CLINTON, Ct — Not Democrats, not Republicans, the Green Party in Connecticut is running more candidates in local elections than it ever has before, and it is running more candidates in more local elections than any other state in the union. Take, for example, the Town of Clinton, located on the shoreline in Connecticut. Continue reading

Green Party proposes fix for latest campaign finance commission flip-flop

ALBANY, NY, October 24, 2019 — Green Party officers said the Campaign Finance Commission's latest about-face on whether to allow out-of-district donations to count towards a proposed public matching funds system highlights the flawed nature of public matching funds. The party instead proposed the Commission enact the "Clean Money, Clean Elections" grants-based system that exists in Arizona and Maine. Party leaders said the system was easier and fairer, and would solve the debate over in-district or out-of-district matches. Continue reading

Learn to lead at the Green Campaign School!

MADISON, Wi – Please join the Wisconsin Green Party (WIGP) at a one-day Green Campaign School on Saturday November 9th in Madison! This campaign school is for anyone who is interested in running for office as a Green, working on a Green campaign, or simply learning more about grassroots campaigning. Continue reading