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Contact your state legislators NOW & help pass RCV bill for Washington!

Seattle, WA – Cities and towns in Washington could soon have the freedom to choose better elections, thanks to  bills filed in our legislature. HB 1722 and SB 5708 offer local jurisdictions the option to use ranked choice voting (RCV) for elections.  RCV is engaging voters and invigorating democracy in the 22 cities and counties around the U.S. that have already adopted it for their elections. Under this bill, Washington communities will be able to enjoy these benefits, too. Continue reading

Greenish Reading Group to discuss Nuke Power & War

At the next reading group get together on Saturday February 16, the Gateway-Greens & friends will be discussing the connection between nuclear power and nuclear war by reading about both. Please see the Jan/Feb 2019 Compost-Dispatch article on “Can Nuclear Power Solve the Climate Crisis?” If you do not have a copy of that Compost-Dispatch, reply to this message with your name & postal address so the St. Louis Green Party can mail you a copy. Continue reading

Green Party of Virginia Calls on Virginia Governor Ralph Northam to Resign

Racist Actions in Past and Present Make Him Unfit to Govern On Friday, February 1, the Green Party of Virginia became aware of a photograph from Virginia Governor Ralph Northam's 1984 yearbook from the Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS). The photo showed one person dressed in the robes of the Klu Klux Klan and a second dressed in blackface. In a press conference that evening, the governor acknowledged he was one of the people in the photo and apologized.  Continue reading

National Lobby for 100% Public Funding Only for ALL Elections

It's official we have the new 2019 calender and the lobby dates! Greens from all over the United States will join together during this week to lobby their congress to ask them to take the the public funding only pledge and also to sponsor or co-sponsor a bill in Congress to free our elections from any sort of bribery cash: special interest PAC, corporate or dark money donations. Instead – qualified candidates from every party would get an equal chance in TV, radio and printed ads, debates and appearances. This would allow other voices to be heard and the American voters to be aware of all of their choices. Continue reading

Stop US Interference in Venezuela!

The Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts opposes US government interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela. We recognize it is the ultimate right of the Venezuelan people, and theirs alone, to decide who governs their country. We condemn the statements made by US National Security Advisor John Bolton on Sunday, January 27, which legitimize coup leader, Juan Guaidó, and encourage Venezuela’s military to overthrow President Maduro. Continue reading

Getting 2019 Off to a Green Start!

Green Party of Santa Clara County January Newsletter Welcome to 2019 and thank you for joining us in getting this new year off to a terrific start. We have some great actions planned and are looking forward to bringing our message of People, Planet, Peace Over Profit to our communities more than ever! Join us, a better world is possible. #WeAreGreen Continue reading

Louisiana needs you!

The Green Party of Louisiana 2019 state convention was held just a few days ago. See a fuller report below; but I'll sum it up in a nutshell: we have a new and very small Coordinating Committee, and they need our help to develop the Green political alternative in Louisiana. Also, the New Orleans local has been recognized as the first active chapter of the Green Party of Louisiana! Continue reading

Serving Our Communities by Running for Office

Green Candidates Run to Make True Representation Possible! It seems we just had the midterm election, but getting prepared to run for office takes time! We ask California Greens to consider running for office in the 2020 local or state-wide elections! Why? Because Green candidates are corporate-free and PAC-free so they offer true representation in a world of politics that, even at the local level, is often saturated with big money influencing our elected officials! Continue reading

Hands Off Venezuela!

The Young Ecosocialists decry the ongoing coup in Venezuela being orchestrated by the United States government and its allies. This attack on Venezuela and it's people is an affront to democracy and a blatant act of imperialism and white supremacist foreign policy. The Young Ecosocialists will be joined by Dakotah Lilly for a discussion of the ongoing attempted coup in Venezuela. Continue reading

Homeless in St. Louis, 2019

Green Party Program: Homeless in St. Louis, 2019 Can you really go to jail in St. Louis for the crime of giving a sandwich to a homeless person? We will hear about homeless services provided by the City of St. Louis and programs offered by the Continuum of Care. Now that its homeless shelter has been shut down, what does New Life Evangelical Center plan for the future? What type of emergency services are available for nights that are extremely cold and people without resources? Join us to hear about the outreach program, Night Life Walks. Continue reading