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Issues Confronting St. Louis in 2017

What is meant by "community building" and what does it have to do with crime? Host Don Fitz and guest Johnathan McFarland, who is the Green Party Candidate for Mayor of St. Louis, discuss causes of crime, including the criminalization of drugs like marijuana and heroin, along with use of body cameras by police and gun control. They explore economic issues such as the use of Tax Increment Financing (TIFs) by the City, a $15 per hour minimum wage, loan accessibility for first time home buyers and jobs and unions.  Continue reading

Green Party of Texas January Newsletter

Post-Inauguration Events, First Administration Actions As January comes to a close, we have now seen the first actions of the Trump administration. Millions have sustained consistent waves of protest since the Inauguration to say they do not consent to Trump's inheritance of the imperial presidency, which immediately continued the policy of drone strikes and banned entrants from all the Muslim countries that have been targeted since 9/11. Subservience of energy policy to industry concerns is assured. Clearly, the wheels of empire grind on. Continue reading

Voting Justice Now! The 2016 Recount and Electoral Reform

Where do we go from here? Featuring independent journalist Greg Palast and 2016 Green Party Presidential Candidate Dr. Jill Stein Learn how to fight back against mismanaged elections and outdated voting systems that oppress communities and strangle political possibilities. Continue reading

Pipelines to Destruction

St Louis – Standing Rock remains an ongoing threat to clean water and indigenous rights. Yet, it is only one of many pipelines. The self-proclaimed "pipeline crossroads of the world" at Cushing OK is the starting-point for the Diamond Pipeline. It is a disaster in the making, with hundreds of earthquakes every week. Continue reading

March and Speakout to Resist Deportations

Boston, MA – We write in solidarity and ask that you join in the resistance movement. This past week has been particularly difficult and challenging with the inauguration of President Trump and the slew of executive orders he has issued. We have seen the North Dakota and the XL Pipelines authorized again, the wall at the U.S. Mexican border ordered, funding denied for sanctuary cities, mortgage relief denied to home owners of modest income, and efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act underway. The impact these actions will have on disenfranchised andmarginalized communities and our environment will be huge. Continue reading

Islamophobia an effective club to distract from klepto-plutocracy

Georgia Greens Respond to Fear Mongering Executive Orders "All the countries he wants to ban are countries our nation is bombing, except for Iran, which Trump has said he wants to bomb," said Bruce Dixon, co-chair of the Georgia Green Party, managing editor of the weekly publication, Black Agenda Report and a grandparent residing in North Cobb County. Continue reading

January 2017 Green Focus Newsletter

The January 2017 issue of Green Focus, the official newsletter of the North Carolina Green Party is now available. You can download it as a PDF here. Continue reading

"The National MLK Streets Initiative" on Green Time TV

Have you gone down Martin Luther King Blvd in St. Louis recently? It does not exactly look like the Delmar Loop, which was also in pretty bad shape a few years back. Did you know that most MLK streets across America look pretty similar to MLK in St. Louis? The mission and vision of Beloved Streets of America (BSA) is to bring MLK streets across the US up to standards that would be fitting for the man whom they honor. Host Don Fitz and guests Melvin White (BSA President), Andre Blunt (BSA Vice-President) and Robert A. Powell (BSA Board Member) discuss how the BSA vision started and how it has received support. They explore what the mission is nationally and the capital campaign it is launching. They focus on how BSA connects with the arts and how viewers can become involved. Continue reading

Policy-based resistance to Trump

Together let's build an affirmative, policy-based resistance to the Trump administration. The Green Party of Brooklyn kicked off 2017 with an inspiring and energizing meeting – expect another email shortly with more details, and more on what's in store! Continue reading

Bartell Speaks Out For Black Lesbian Movement

Can A Straight Mayor Champion The Black Lesbian Movement? ATLANTA -- On Inauguration Day of U.S. President Donald Trump, many Americans are turning their energies towards local politics as the arena for impact in 2017. Continue reading