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The Wisconsin Green Party seeks candidates for 2018 elections

Have you thought about running for office? Even if you haven't, consider the following: Americans have never been closer to rebellion against the political establishment. National polls show that a record high 61% of Americans - including 71% of millennials - agree that the establishment parties are failing us, and that we need a new major party. With elections coming up, now is a great time to think about running for office as a Wisconsin Green to help build the movement for people, planet and peace over profit. Continue reading

We won't let cancer get in the way of our fight for justice!

The fundraiser raised $4,000 but we have a long way to go, as Cinthia's expenses will exceed $100,000 over the next year. Donations can be made at www.youcaring.com/forcinthia  A comrade in our movement is in need, and I thank you for taking the time to read this request. Cinthia Osorio is a 22-year-old warrior, a guerrera, and I'm proud to know her and work with her and call her a friend. She has led us in the fight for human rights - for immigrant families’ rights to stay together, the right to access higher education, for women’s rights, and so much more. Continue reading

Mountain Party offers support for striking CWA members

Resolution Ratified in Support of West Virginia Communications Workers On Sunday, March 18, 2018, the following Resolution was ratified by unanimous consent by a quorum of the Mountain Party State Executive Committee in support of those Communication Workers of America who are currently on strike against Frontier Communications. Continue reading

A Surpise at Today St. Patrick's Day Parade!

After you read this, it won't be a surprise anymore... Walk with us on Saturday, March 17th in the St. Patrick's Day Parade! It will be a sunny, chilly day, but fun will be had by all. We line up at 11:30am on Strathallen Park, which is a street that runs perpendicular to University and East Avenues, two blocks east of Alexander. We step off at 12:30pm marching down East Ave to Main Street and down Main to Fitzhugh. What's the surprise? Continue reading

Green Party Black Caucus elects co-chairs to Reparations Working Group

The Green Party of the United States Black Caucus is proud to announce it has nominated and elected two co-chairs to its Green Party of the United States Reparations working group to secure full and complete reparations for the descendants of slaves in the United States of America. Anika Ofori is a cultural artist, social entrepreneur and activist. She currently lives in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is a US Navy veteran. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Urban Ministry Leadership from Geneva College and a Master of Divinity from The Virginia Union University. She is a member of GPLA and GPUS-BC. Continue reading

The Green Party of New York says "WAKE UP" to Percoco Corruption Verdict: Demand Real Ethics Reform

NEW YORK, March 14, 2018 – Green Party of New York leaders today said that the verdict in the Percoco trial showed the need for strong ethics reform in New York State government. The party leadership also pointed out that between the Percoco and Buffalo Billion trials, Gov. Cuomo's administration has the potential to be the most openly corrupt in recent memory. "Can we really trust a Governor whose close friend and top aide has been convicted of corruption and bribery? Do we believe that Andrew Cuomo knew nothing of this? The people deserve an investigation into Gov. Cuomo's role in this," said Gloria Mattera, GPNY co-chair. Continue reading

Solutions & Resolutions

Solutions & Resolutions: FOR West Virginia Teachers and all Public Employees On February 18, 2018, Mountain Party leaders passed a Resolution* supporting all teachers, school service personnel and public employees who are fed up with low pay and ever increasing health insurance costs. The Mountain Party further recognizes that these problems persisted even prior to the current GOP control of West Virginia’s statehouse and Executive branch. Continue reading

Illinois Greens to meet in Chicago in March – March 24 & 25

The Illinois Green Party holds two Membership Meetings each year, one in the spring and one in the fall. These meetings are our chance to conduct official, statewide business and to hold trainings and educational sessions, as well as panel discussions and keynote addresses from invited speakers. The Spring Convention will be held Saturday, March 24th and Sunday March 25th, in Chicago. Continue reading

Food Justice, Police Accountability & a new Green Candidate

There is a lot happening in the local Green Party scene in Monroe County! First of all, if you missed the March monthly meeting on Food Justice, fear not. We have video! Continue reading

March Green Star News and Events from the Green Party of Pennsylvania

News, Candidates, Information, Events Nationally, Statewide & Locally If you find that you share these ideals and want to work toward a future where people and planet are valued and our government represents all of us, come and join the movement. Everything we do is based on our Four Pillars and Ten Key Values. Want to help? Sign the PA Green Party Petition to decriminalize below! Continue reading