PA Green Party celebrates 6 wins in 10 races in 2017

The Green Party of Pennsylvania is celebrating several election victories for 2017. Out of ten candidates running, six were elected to office. Jules Mermelstein, statewide candidate for PA Superior Court Judge was not one of those elected. However his strong showing was a victory in its own right, ensuring minor party status for the Green Party of Pennsylvania for two more years. More than one out of every 20 voters across the state voted for Jules. His vote count of 106,131 was more than eight times the number of registered Greens in the state, showing strong cross-party support. Jules needed to get 2% of the number of votes received by the winner with the highest vote total in order for the Green Party to keep minor party designation in PA. Achieving over 9% statewide and over 10% in 15 Counties, Jule’s campaign for Superior Court Judge was a victory for PA Greens. Continue reading

Second state representative enrolls Green Independent

HOULTON -- State Rep. Henry John Bear (G--Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians) became the second member of the State Legislature to enroll Green Independent this year. Bear joins State Rep. Ralph Chapman (G--Brooksville), increasing the Green Independent Party's legislative caucus to two. Chapman joined the party in September. "I have had the honor of serving in Maine’s House of Representatives with Representative Henry Bear for the past half-dozen years," Chapman said. "His approach toward legislative matters and other legislators is thoughtful, well-informed, and very respectful. His wisdom and gentle leadership on issues, especially of civil rights and our environment, will contribute greatly to Maine’s Green Independent Party which he has joined. I am thrilled to be able to work further with Henry as a fellow Green Independent party member and legislator." Continue reading

Maine Greens open primaries to unenrolled voters

The Maine Green Independent Party voted at its Fall Assembly this month to allow unenrolled voters – commonly referred to as "Independents" – to participate in the party's primary election in 2018. "The nearly 40 percent of unenrolled Maine voters speaks volumes about the dissatisfaction they have with the corporate parties," said Jon Olsen, one of the party's two co-chairs. "We offer an alternative by allowing them into our primary, agreeing with them that the major parties represent the interests of corporations instead of citizens. We hope they will see the Maine Green Independent Party as 'their' party." Continue reading

The Green Party endorses Unity March for Puerto Rico on Nov. 19 in Washington, DC

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Green Party has endorsed the Unity March for Puerto Rico, which will take place in Washington, D.C. on Sunday, November 19. Green Party co-chair Darlene Elias will speak at a rally associated with the march. Ms. Elias spoke about the liberation of Puerto Rico before the U.N. Decolonization Committee on June 19, 2017. Continue reading

LA County Green Party endorses ballot measure to overturn Top Two elections

The Green Party of California (GPCA) and the Green Party of Los Angeles County (GPLAC) have endorsed the Initiative to Repeal The Top Two Candidates Open Primary Law – a ballot measure that would overturn Top Two elections in California. "Californians deserve more choice in elections, not less," says Michael Feinstein, former Mayor of Santa Monica and co-founder of the Green Party of California. "Top Two elections undermine democracy by limiting voters to only two general election choices, while driving up the cost of running for office and making ballot access more difficult. Continue reading

Candidate Reveal & Press Conference

Join the Green Alliance of Southwest Missouri at the Joplin Public Library on November 21st at 5pm for our HISTORIC candidate announcements! For too long candidates have ran unchecked and uncontested in Representative & Senate races across Southwest Missouri. Uncontested elections like these don't even give the illusion of a Democracy like what was envisioned by our countries founders. Continue reading

Green Party Election Challengers Monitor Flint Polls

(FLINT, MI) – Volunteers from the Vehicle City Greens monitored the polls during Tuesday's election, correcting minor issues and ensuring election counts by electronic voting machines matched records kept by Election Inspectors. "The Green Party is serious about the issue of election justice," said Group Leader John Early. "The laws of the State of Michigan allow political parties to have oversight over the election process. We want election workers to know that they are being held accountable to run the election in a fair and accurate manner and for voters in Flint to know that the Green Party intends to support their right to democratic and honest elections." Continue reading

Green Party victories and highlights from the Nov. 7 election

  WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Green Party racked up several victories in local races in the Nov. 7 general election. At least 127 Green candidates were on the ballot on Nov. 7, of whom at least 22 were elected. 13 ran for state or federal office, so the municipal victory count is 22 out 114 races. In all 2017 elections (not just Nov. 7), Greens won 44 out of 164 races. Continue reading

Green Party of Philadelphia calls for an elected School Board to replace the School Reform Commission

PHILADELPHIA, PA -- The Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP) applauds the tireless work of the grassroots coalition Our City Our Schools, whose pressure led Mayor Jim Kenney to announce on November 2 that he will abolish the School Reform Commission and return Philadelphia schools to local control. The state takeover of our schools by an unaccountable body has been a failed experiment, and this victory belongs to the many community activists who made their voices heard. However, Mayor Kenney's decision to move to a model of a Mayoral-appointed board is a missed opportunity to reorganize Philadelphia's public school system under the democratic control of its students, parents, and teachers. Continue reading

Waterford Greens Win Big

Waterford, CT – Waterford's 2017 municipal elections were highly contested, with over 50 candidates running on three different party lines. Newest to town is the Waterford Green Party, having been founded back in the fall of 2013. The Waterford Greens have been growing over the past several years, running their first candidate in 2014, and winning their first election in 2015. In the 2017 race they nearly doubled the size of their slate from 2015, endorsing a total of nine candidates. Continue reading