Jill Stein to electronically participate in tonight's debate

Jill Stein to Appear in St. Louis Before Participating in Livestreamed Presidential Debate Response Despite exclusion from the stage at Washington University, Green Party Presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein will be participating in the second Presidential debate of 2016. As Jill Stein for President Press Director Meleiza Figueroa points out, "Seventy-six percent of Americans are asking for open debates in a recent USA Today poll. Fifty-seven percent want a major party alternative to the Republicans and the Democrats. We're using social media and livestreaming technologies in a way no campaign has before to give the people what they want."   Continue reading

Green Party of Ohio reiterates call for open debates

Cleveland OH: The Green Party of Ohio is again making a call for open debates. 5 months ago we issued statement demanding that Green Party voices be included in national and state level debates. As of today, one Presidential and the Vice-Presidential debate have occurred. Green Party nominees Dr. Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka were not on stage during these events. Continue reading

NJ Greens Oppose Ballot Measure 1 to Expand Casino Gaming

On November 8th, voters in New Jersey will vote on Ballot Measure 1, which would allow casino gaming to expand into 2 additional, unnamed counties within the state. It would have a devastating impact on the local economy, not only in Atlantic City, but throughout the county. Any benefits of building new casinos in the 2 unnamed counties would be limited, and are more likely offset by the detrimental effects on those communities. The Atlantic County and Ocean County Chapters of GPNJ, supported by state party leadership, urge voters to vote "No" on this measure. Atlantic City has depended on tourism for its economy since it was established in the 1800s. The design of the casinos draws tourists away from locally-owned businesses, forcing businesses to close and impoverishing the community. The average income in Atlantic City is 60% LOWER than the NJ average. Violent crime is 500% HIGHER. One third of the population has left. Crime, prostitution, addiction, proliferation of pawn shops, and bankruptcies are all collateral damage of a predatory industry designed to extract wealth. Continue reading

Green Party of Ohio issues statement of support for DAPL protestors

Cleveland OH: The Green Party of Ohio stands with and supports those who oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). The Standing Rock Sioux tribe and others have joined forces to protest the construction by Energy Transfer Partners of the pipeline, which would cross over ancient Native American burial grounds. Continue reading

Stein/Baraka Statement on the 20th Anniversary of the Illegal immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (IIRIRA)

The US immigration nightmare began 20 years ago today. The media writes a lot about how Trump and the Republicans are the party of hate and fear-mongering against immigrants. Less known is the story of how Clinton and the Democrats actually created "Trumpismo" in immigration: deportations, detentions, death in the desert and night raids. It all began with President Bill Clinton. Continue reading

Green Party of Ohio Endorses Youngstown Community Bill of Rights

Cleveland OH: The Green Party of Ohio is urging the voters of Youngstown, Ohio to support Charter Amendment Number 6, otherwise known as the Community Bill of Rights in the election to be held on November 8th. This amendment would codify the right of the citizens of Youngstown to enjoy the benefits of clean water, air and soil and give them the right of local control in matters of the procedure known as fracking and the disposal of wastes that are the end result of fracking. The amendment would ban the city government or any corporation from engaging in fracking or disposing of fracking wastes within the city limits. It would also hold accountable the parties engaging in fracking on properties adjacent to the city of Youngstown, including the Meander Creek Reservoir. This reservoir contains the water supply for the city of Youngstown as well as other area municipalities. Continue reading

Greens Invite Progressives, Activists, & Voters to Meeting in Glassboro On Oct. 3rd

Join your fellow progressive neighbors in Gloucester County, New Jersey and learn how we can build the Green Party in our area. The Green Party is growing rapidly in New Jersey, and we are forming local chapters across the state that can organize and take the bold steps needed to end the domination of the 2 corporate parties. At this meeting, we will also be recruiting volunteers for Jill Stein's presidential campaign. Jill is the only candidate who puts people over profits every time. She’s also the only candidate in the race that stands with the American voter on common-sense policies including: Continue reading

D.C. Statehood Green Party says YES to statehood but urges NO on the Nov. 8 statehood referendum as written

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The D.C. Statehood Green Party is urging voters to reject the proposed "Constitution/Advisory Referendum on Statehood" ( http://lims.dccouncil.us/Legislation/B21-0826 ) to be voted on in the Nov. 8 general election unless the draft Constitution is revised, requiring a Constitutional Convention upon achieving statehood. Party leaders said that the D.C. Statehood Green Party fully supports statehood, but objects to the referendum as written because the process it advances for approving a new Constitution violates basic democratic principles. Continue reading

Green Party of NJ joins Jill Stein's protest at closed presidential debate

The Green Party of New Jersey condemns the decision by the Commission on Presidential Debates to exclude Green Party candidate Jill Stein and other "third-party" candidates from the first debate, to take place on Monday. Democracy requires that we have the diverse range of political perspectives held by the citizens of this country represented on the debate stage. The debates must include candidates, such as Dr. Stein and her running mate Ajamu Baraka, who are not funded and controlled by wealthy corporations and who have the support of diverse working class people across the country. The Stein/Baraka ticket is on the ballot in 45 states, including New Jersey, and is an official write-in option in 3 additional states. The Green Party already had ballot access in 18 states prior to 2016. Dr. Stein gained ballot access in 27 additional states thanks to the tireless efforts of hundreds of petitioners, who collected nearly 250,000 signatures from registered voters nationwide. Continue reading

Despite Exclusion from Hofstra Debate Stage, Jill Stein Will Participate in First Debate by Making her Case Directly to the American People

Hundreds of supporters of Dr. Jill Stein will be attending the venue of the first presidential debate at Hofstra. They will seek to escort Stein to the debate venue. If she is prevented from participating in the debate, supporters will hold a "People's Debate" outside of the Hofstra venue. Some have pledged to engage in dignified non-violent civil disobedience as a way to protest the Commission on Presidential Debates. Continue reading