Jill Stein Is a Legal Write-In Candidate for President in North Carolina

Recent inaccurate reporting has led the Jill Stein for President campaign to clarify once again: Jill Stein is a legal write-in candidate for voters on North Carolina's general-election ballots this year. A write-in vote for Jill Stein in North Carolina will count. The North Carolina State Board of Elections has published a list of valid write-in candidates at is website here: www.ncsbe.gov/Elections/Election-Information. Jill Stein's name appears on that list. Continue reading

Jill Stein supporters express solidarity at Capitol Standing Rock event

Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate for President of the United States has appeared on the site of the peaceful demonstrations at Standing Rock, North Dakota and garnered media attention when she spray-painted the words "I approve this message" on a bulldozer "that had been tagged with other messages of protest and that had been used to destroy sacred burial sites of the Standing Rock Sioux." A large contingent of Michigan Stein supporters will join the upcoming event in Lansing. The group Anonymous plans a march to the Capitol, starting at 8:00 am, as a part of the "Million Masks March" nationwide action. Continue reading

Green Party of Ohio issues statement against "vote-swapping"

Cleveland, OH: The Green Party of Ohio is urging our supporters to reject outright the concept of "vote-swapping", where a Green Party voter would agree to cast their ballot for another party on the dubious promise that an unknown person in another state would then agree to cast a vote for the Green Party. This idea is being floated by the Democratic Party and the Hillary Clinton campaign as a way to shore up her falling poll numbers in swing states such as Ohio. Continue reading

Green Party candidates for the U.S. House and Senate to watch on Nov. 8

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Green Party of the United States has identified "Green Candidates to Watch" in races for the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate on Election Day, Nov. 8, 2016. Like Green presidential nominee Jill Stein and running mate Ajamu Baraka, Green candidates for Congress have had to fight their exclusion from candidates' forums and debates. Continue reading

Green Party condemns the violent suppression of Dakota Access Pipeline protesters

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Green Party of the United States strongly condemns action taken by militarized police and parent company Energy Transfer Partners to forcibly remove peaceful Native protestors from the site of proposed Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota. Green Party leaders and candidates are demanding that the Department of Justice order an immediate halt to the construction of the pipeline on sacred burial grounds of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and release of detained protesters. Continue reading

Jill Stein, Gary Johnson To Appear in Third-Party Presidential Forum on the Tavis Smiley Show

One week before what’s shaping up to be an historic presidential election, Tavis Smiley on PBS will host a presidential forum featuring the third party candidates, Jill Stein of the Green Party and Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party.This forum will be taped live Monday, October 31, 2016, in the show’s Los Angeles studio and air on Tavis Smiley over two nights next week on Monday evening and Tuesday, November 1 on PBS. An additional thirty (30) minute conversation, with questions selected entirely from social media will be available exclusively online at the Tavis Smiley PBS website. Continue reading

Flowers-Szeliga Agree to Statewide Televised Debates, Van Hollen Declines

Van Hollen is Avoiding Open Debates Because He Does Not Want The Truth About His Funding and Stances Exposed Baltimore, MD - The outpouring of public support for open debates after ​Margaret Flowers, Maryland Green candidate for the U.S. Senate, interrupted the manipulated two-candidate debate yesterday shows the public is hungry for open debates, new voices and an open dialogue about solutions. Continue reading

Washington State Green Party demands quick correction of Spanish voting instructions, citing mistranslation

The Green Party of Washington State demands immediate correction of Spanish mistranslations in the state's voting instructions Misleading Spanish pamphlets issued by Sec. of State Wyman will deter many Latino voters from voting on Nov. 8, say Greens. Suppression of votes because of mistranslation violates the Voting Rights Act. Continue reading

Flowers takes Center Stage at Maryland Senate Debate

Baltimore, MD - Today, Dr. Margaret Flowers and supporters attended the only televised Maryland Senate debate, held at the University of Baltimore and pre-recorded by WJZ TV. As the debate opened, Kevin Zeese stood up from the audience and asked the Republican and Democratic candidates if they would allow Dr. Flowers to participate. Del. Kathy Szeliga said that she supported Dr. Flowers' inclusion from the start. Congressman Chris Van Hollen was also supportive of her participation. At that point, Dr. Flowers walked onto the stage and thanked the members for their support. The audience cheered. And Flowers said that she was happy to participate. However, the WJZ anchor asked her to leave the stage. Flowers refused and was removed by police. As she was taken off the stage, Del. Szeliga offered the third podium to Flowers. Continue reading

Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka to make Ohio stops

Cleveland OH: The Green Party of Ohio is proud to announce that the Green Party Presidential ticket of Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka will be stopping in Ohio again for campaign events on Saturday, Oct. 29th. The first event will be in Toledo, running from 9:30am to 11:30am at the Frederick Douglass Community Association, located at 1001 Indiana Avenue. Continue reading