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Greens to participate in the 2019 LeftForum

The Green Party of New York recognizes the passing of comrade Bruce Dixon of the Georgia Green Party and Black Agenda Report. We ask that you keep Bruce and his family in your thoughts this weekend. Bruce passed just as this conference opened and we decided to keep his planned panels in this guide as a way to express how his contributions will be missed. Bruce Dixon, Presente! The 2019 LeftForum will take place this coming weekend, June 28 – 30 at Long Island University in Brooklyn. The forum will take place at One University Plaza, Brooklyn, NY. The full program can be viewed here. This year's theme is "What Is Left To Be Done?" Once again, many of the workshops will feature Green Party members. Below is list of workshops featuring Green activists and candidates, past and present, with their names in bold. Continue reading

Power Up Green 2019 Green Party Annual Meeting

Salem State University, July 25-28, 2019 Seize the moment for the party that puts people, planet & peace over profit! Register Now for $130!, Price increases July 1 Continue reading

Follow up to the Green Party of Tennessee state meeting

The Green Party of Tennessee had its state meeting on Saturday June 15th and renewed its commitment to advance Green politics in Tennessee. We began by nominating a new secretary and then moved organically into a short discussion about two of our Presidential candidates, Howie Hawkins and Dario Hunter. Next we discussed how to up our game on social media, getting a twitter account, improving our website and getting our mailchimp feed to post on the website to make it more dynamic for promoting the party and our great Nashville radio program, The Green Hour. Continue reading

2019/2020 Call For Candidates

Would you like to see changes in public policy? Do you want a government that reflects your values? Are you inspired to take action to make your community a better place for everyone to live? Do you imagine a world where people, planet and peace are more important than profit? Continue reading

GPAX chair responds to Lansing Police violence

(LANSING, Mi – June 18, 2019) Lansing, Michigan is crying out for social justice following a brutal arrest of a sixteen year old black female by the Lansing Police Department. Officers were dispatched to apprehend two teens, a 15 year old male and 16 year old female. The pair were wanted for violating probation and sought as runaways. The sixteen year old was not cooperating with officers. Once cuffed and strapped into the back of a police cruiser, the 16 year old female wedged a foot into the cruiser’s door hinge. Subsequently, a female Lansing police officer struck the cuffed and strapped subject more than a dozen times. Continue reading

Statement by GP-US Peace Action Committee on the Mistreatment and Imprisonment of Julian Assange

The United States Government is engaged in a campaign of personal destruction directed at Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange. Under the cover of questionable legal arguments, The US has carried out a relentless, multifaceted, punitive program aimed at making an example of an Internet publisher who has challenged the power of the US national security establishment. Through the actions of the US government, Assange has been stripped of his political asylum, imprisoned by the UK, and is awaiting extradition to the US to face espionage charges with a penalty of life imprisonment. He is being held in Belmarsh prison, a high-security facility, officially for the minor crime of a bail violation but for the ultimate purpose of rendition to the US. Assange was recently moved to the hospital wing at Belmarsh, and reports indicate he is in poor health. Continue reading

City/County Merger: Threat Continues!

ST. LOUIS – The next meeting of the Gateway Green Alliance / Green Party of St. Louis will be held on Wednesday, June 19 at 7:00 p.m. We'll be evaluating the June 5 Black & Green Wednesday program on the Green New Deal as well as finalizing plans for the July 10 program on the the proposed merger of the city and county. Continue reading

Stop the U.S. drive to war against Iran!

HIGH SPRINGS, Fl. – The Green Party of Florida condemns the warmongering being drummed up by the U.S. government against the government and people of Iran, and the insane drive to conflagration in the Middle East. Donald Trump and his inner circle — which includes Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Adviser John Bolton —claim that Iran attacked "Japanese-related" shipping while Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was meeting in Tehran with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. The incident derailed any attempt to defuse tensions between the U.S. and Iran following the U.S. withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal and the escalation of economic sanctions against Iran and anyone doing business with the Islamic Republic. Continue reading

Nassau County Greens Monthly Meeting

FREEPORT, NY – The featured speaker for Nassau County, New York Green Party June meeting will discuss the recent history of shellfish harvesting in Hempstead Bay and efforts to restore the local shellfish population. Stephen Naham has worked for the Town of Hempstead Department of Conservation and Waterways for 10 years. His responsibilities have included water quality monitoring, and the restoration of oyster reefs within Hempstead Bay. Continue reading

Green Party Ballot Access Restored in Texas!

HOUSTON, Tx. – Thanks to the passage of HB 2504, the threshold for retaining ballot access in Texas has been lowered, qualifying the Green Party of Texas (GPTX) for the ballot at least through 2026. This is great news for all of us who have fought for years to push ideas like the Green New Deal into the public debate. In fact, every major social advancement in US history has been championed by alternative parties, from the abolition of slavery to women's suffrage, from social security and medicare to marijuana decriminalization and today's push for the Green New Deal.  Continue reading