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Duncan Gives Spitzer Failing Grade On 25 Green Party Challenges For His First Year In Office, Saying He Failed To "Work Well With Others"

NEW YORK, NY - Alison Duncan, the Green Party of New York State's 2006 candidate for Lieutenant Governor, gave Governor Eliot Spitzer a failing grade of "F" today on 25 Green Party challenges issued last January for his first year in office. Duncan added an additional challenge for Spitzer: to "work well with others." The challenges will be reissued for 2008. Continue reading

In the spirit of the season: Amnesty should be given to military who refused to fight the 'unjust' war in Iraq, urges Green Party of California

SACRAMENTO (Dec. 21, 2007) - Military personnel who have refused to fight in an "unjust" war in Iraq should be given an immediate grant of amnesty - because it would be right, and in keeping with spirit of the season, said the Green Party of California today. In a resolution approved by the GPCA's General Assembly, the Greens noted that the war was "created from lies and deception. Our (troops) should not be punished for refusing to fight an unjust war and speaking the truth about the injustice inflicted on our soldiers, the citizens of the United States, and the citizens of Iraq." Continue reading

DC Statehood Greens mourn, remember Hilda Mason (1916-2007)

Former DC School Board and Council member, activist for DC statehood and social justice, public school teacher and principal, founding member of the DC Statehood Party, "Grandmother of the World" WASHINGTON, DC -- The DC Statehood Green Party noted the passing of Hilda Howland Minnis Mason at the age of 91 on Sunday with sadness and remembrance. Continue reading

A 'Green' Year in Review: Green Party of California marks 2007 electoral gains, separates from 'major' parties by positions solidly against war, for impeachment, workers & planet

SACRAMENTO (December 28, 2007)- The Green Party of California - noting its 2007 record cements its position as the state's solid anti-war, pro-healthcare and environmental political party – said today it is poised for big gains in 2008 local, state and national races as voters become even more dissatisfied with the Republican and Democratic parties. As of November of this year, more Greens were in office than in 2006, with 55 elected offices in the state, numbering 16 mayors and city council members, including the mayor of Richmond (Gayle McLaughlin) and a San Francisco supervisor (Ross Mirkarimi). Greens hold majorities or near-majorities on city councils in several cities. At least 13 Greens are on boards of education. Continue reading