Hold the Burgers, Hold the Fries, Make Our Wages Supersized

At high noon, October 3, 2018, over a hundred underpaid, fast food workers, their families, union supporters, and community members including Greater Milwaukee Greens marched on a Milwaukee McDonald's to demand a $15/hr minimum wage. With the Fight for $15, many of us had demonstrated there over the last couple of years. We exposed the injustice of McDonald's making billions of dollars in profit while the people who do the real work are struggling to survive. This time would be different. Continue reading

Act Now To Protect Our Right To Protest

Restricting Our Right To Protest Shows We Are Winning The radical attack on our constitutional right to protest in Washington, DC needs to be stopped. The National Park Service (NPS) has published proposed rules that would curtail First Amendment rights to assemble, petition the government and exercise free speech in the nation's capital. Together, we can stop this proposal from going forward. Continue reading

The FBI Is Culpable In This Crime!

In Upstate New York a limousine carrying 18 people crashed and killed all 18 plus 2 bystanders. The limousine was driven by a man who did not have a license to drive it. The limousine failed inspections and was not supposed to be on the road. The owner of the limousine company was a man named Shahed "Malik" Hussain. This man was caught by the FBI several years ago selling fake drivers licenses to people. The FBI told him that this was a felony and that he would go to jail and be deported unless he helped them set up and entrap other Muslims. Malik, his fake FBI name, agreed and charges were dropped.  Continue reading

Benton Harbor, Michigan Has Higher Lead Levels Than Flint

Benton Harbor, the city of no return, is among 71 water districts in Michigan that have higher lead levels in the drinking water than Flint, says the Michigan Department of Environment Quality (MDEQ). Benton Harbor joins Grand Rapids as the worst cities in Michigan for child lead poisoning, according to the Detroit Free Press. According to MDEQ, a study in 2015 shows Benton Harbor had lead levels in its water in two locations of 38 parts per billion, and 12 parts per billion overall for the city. Some of the areas with high concentrations of children with high levels of lead in their poor Black areas. Some say it is a result of lead paint in older homes. Continue reading

Thank You Professor Christine Blasey Ford

The National Women's Caucus of the Green Party of the United States thanks Professor Christine Blasey Ford for coming forward to offer her testimony about the wisdom of not choosing Judge Brett Kavanaugh to fill a vacancy on the US Supreme Court. This testimony has not only demonstrated indelibly why Judge Kavanaugh should not be confirmed to this position, it clarifies for the nation the societal issues involved, in denial of harm and of victim shaming, that should inform any future candidate for the bench, or for any positions of power and judgment. Continue reading

Ah, the joy of voting, then (as 22-year-old) and now

National Voter Registration Day. For many of my fellow Americans, the day (which was Tuesday by the way) does not exactly belong in the pantheon of notable recognized days that deserve to be mentioned in Facebook posts or serve as the inspiration for time-off requests to their employers. In all honesty, National Voter Registration Day probably falls somewhere between Arbor Day and National Hog Day — I will let you guess which one is more important to Americans. Hint. It is not the one about the trees. Continue reading

I Need a Job

A couple of years ago, I was walking down a busy street when a man stopped me and said "Sir, do you have a job?" I was a little startled, but managed to respond "Yes sir, I do have a job." The man then pointed to a dilapidated, half-broken parking sign and said "look at that, doesn't that sign need someone to fix it? I'd like that job. Why won't they give me a job. I need a job." I tried to help by looking up some temporary employment offices, and he said he'd go there first thing in the morning. I hope they gave him a chance. This experience has really stuck with me, and reminded me of all those times growing up when my dad couldn't find a job. Is it the fault of the individual worker? Whether it is the man on the street or my own father? No, none of this is the workers' fault. Rather, it is the system that is at fault. Continue reading

Want Progressive Government in Maryland? Vote Green Party Up and Down the Ballot

The Goucher poll gives Gov. Larry Hogan (R) a 22 percent lead over Democrat Ben Jealous. This dismal result expands by 6 percent Hogan’s lead from an Aug. 14 Gonzalez poll, which had him ahead 52 percent to 36 percent. If Jealous is able to cut Hogan's lead in half he will still lose by a landslide. Without a major surprise it is hard to see Jealous doing better than shrinking his loss to a landslide from a complete blowout. Continue reading

I Remember. 9/11

I remember. I remember all those who died on 9/11. I remember my pain. All our pain. Unity. Fear and anger. I remember that many of us said do not treat our cries of grief as a cry for war. Seek justice. Treat it as a criminal act. Use it to build peace, not war. Continue reading

Defend Democracy from corporate Democrats!

Last year a Montana Democratic Party spokesperson told the media “The Montana Democratic Party welcomes all voices to participate in the Democratic process -- unlike the Montana GOP, which... has a record of trying to remove third-party candidates from the ballot.” So when the Montana Green Party turned in enough signatures to qualify for the ballot this year, what do you think the Democrats did? Continue reading