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Join Us At the Medicaid March, General Assembly, and More!

Latest news from the Green Party of Allegheny County (GPOAC) PITTSBURGH – With about a month to go before election day, we need ALL HANDS ON DECK to get the word out about our Green candidates! Check out the events and ideas below for ways you can get involved. Join The Medicaid March on Thursday 10/1 Continue reading

No Debate — Howie won!

Last night's "debate" was a travesty. It exposed how rotten American politics is: a lying, blustering Donald Trump next to a doddering Joe Biden. While Trump raised the bogeyman of socialism, Biden ran away from Improved/Expanded Medicare-For-All, away from the Green New Deal, and away from defunding the police. Continue reading

A first-time politician aims to rock the boat

Only 44 days remain until Election Day and only 33 days until the early voting period in Nassau and Suffolk counties. New York's Second Congressional District is electing successor to longtime Republican Rep. Pete King of Seaford. While it is natural that many South Shore Long Islanders will be eyeing the Democratic and Republican sides of the ballot in November, Green Party candidate Harry R. Burger is asking for a second look in his third-party column. Burger, 37, of Deer Park, is running a different campaign than his Democratic and Republican opponents. He holds different ideals. He has a different background. Maybe most important, this campaign is his first in politics, making him the race's only neophyte. Continue reading

Springfield group rallies, remembers Breonna Taylor after grand jury decision

John Keating questions Springfield Police officers standing behind their vehicle about a Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle that was reported to be stationed near a local protest against the decision of a Kentucky grand jury that brought no charges against Louisville police for the killing in March of Breonna Taylor during a drug raid gone wrong. [Ted Schurter/The State Journal-Register] As about 35 people gathered in front of the Springfield Police Department headquarters, 800 E. Monroe St., for a rally and vigil in support of Breonna Taylor Wednesday night, Trista Ishmael's thoughts drifted back to her bi-racial brother in Jacksonville. Continue reading

Solidarity In Peace - Honoring the International Day of Peace

Shaping Peace Together In Solidarity The International Day of Peace was first established in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace and it is annually commemorated on the 21st of September. Today, as the world tackles a real common enemy in COVID-19 we are reminded that on a round planet there are no boundaries and no sides, and that injury and injustice anywhere hinders the pursuit of justice everywhere. Continue reading

Baltimore AFL-CIO endorses Franca Muller Paz

Metropolitan Baltimore Council of AFL-CIO Unions makes history endorsing 12th District City Council Candidate Franca Muller Paz, their first ever support of a 3rd party challenger  BALTIMORE – Franca Muller Paz is building a powerful 12th District City Council campaign in Baltimore City, picking up the historic endorsement of the largest labor union council in Maryland, representing over 150,000 workers across the Baltimore region. In a vote tallied on 9/17, the Metro Baltimore Council AFL-CIO Unions approved the endorsement of Muller Paz’s surging campaign.  Continue reading

PA Green Party warns of rule by corporate club

PHILADELPHIA – With a 5-2 Democratic majority, the PA Supreme Court ruled on 9/17 that Green Party Presidential Candidate Howie Hawkins, would be taken off the PA ballot for the General Election. This overturned a previous ruling by the PA Commonwealth Court. In response to this loss, by the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA), Co-chair Alan Smith (Chester) lamented, "All the hard work we did, being forced to petition during a pandemic, risking our lives and the lives of others, over 30 volunteers painstakingly reviewing our petitions line by line, thousands of dollars spent in lawyers fees, and the courts still manage to kick two of our candidates off the ballot, one of them a queer, working class Black woman". Continue reading

The Solution to Fires and Pandemics? Elect Greens

Saying 2020 has been an unusually challenging year is an understatement as the onslaught of environmental, social and health crises fill our daily lives.  California's recent lightning-sparked wildfires have brought the 2020 tally to well over 2 million acres of land burned and have forced tens of thousands of residents from their homes amidst a pandemic in full swing. We must acknowledge that this is the result of decades of destructive environmental policies dictated by the fossil fuel industry and a deep disregard for the Indigenous Nation's ancestral fire management practices for sustainable land stewardship. For centuries, Native nations of California have naturally managed small "good" fires in order to prevent devastating ones like the SCU Lightning Complex Fire and the currently raging Mendocino National Forest fire. Continue reading

Victory! TX Supreme Court restores our candidates

September Newsletter from the Green Party of Texas HOUSTON – August was a dramatic month for the Green Party of Texas (GPTX). We were forced to defend our candidates and Green voter choice in Texas from an overwhelming & last minute onslaught of Democrat litigation. All over the country, Democrat interests at every level have made every attempt to force Greens from the ballot, both in the Presidential/VP and down-ticket races. The good news though is that... Continue reading

PA Greens Charge Democrats With Delaying 2020 Ballot

PHILADELPHIA – According to reports from the Associated Press, the PA Democratic Party has already signaled it intends to appeal a decision by Commonwealth Court to the PA Supreme Court. This on-going legal action risks delaying the printing and distribution of mail-in ballots, which are more critical than ever while the state still faces a lethal pandemic that makes typical events and voting systems unsafe. Any delay to the printing and distribution of ballots narrows the time window for voters to return the ballots in time to be counted. Continue reading