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Texas Greens Mark Your Calendars: 13 March for Precinct Conventions

The Green Party of Texas (GPTX) urges progressive voters in Texas not to vote in the Republican or Democratic primary elections in March. Voting in either primary disqualifies you from signing the Green Party's ballot access petition. Instead, on the following Tuesday, March 13th, come to your county's night of Precinct Conventions. Bring your voter registration card. There you can vote and pick up petition sheets for your friends to sign. Continue reading

Green Party of Pennsylvania State Convention – March 17-18

Mark your calendar and get ready for the Electric City during the March Convention of the Green Party of Pennsylvania! On March 17 & 18, Green Party members and friends will be meeting in Scranton during a 2-day meeting. We're going to dive deep into what a Green campaign is and how to realize electoral success. Join us Satuday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers for a day packed with workshops and focus sessions. The evening continues at the Case Quattro Winery in Peckville where we will network with members and enjoy live music. Sunday we'll get down to party business where the meeting highlights will include endorsements of our 2018 candidates. Continue reading

2018 Green Rainbow Party State Convention – May 26

Mark your calendars and plan to attend the 2018 Green-Rainbow Party State Convention. This year's theme is the Green-Rainbow Response to the Global Migration Crisis. Details on speakers and workshops, website and registration coming soon. Continue reading

Help Defend Voter Rights in Tennessee

The Tennessee Legislature is attempting to undermine the rights of voters all across the state. Currently, Tennessee has no law in the books about instant runoff voting, a voting method that allows voters to rank their preferences for an elected office instead of just picking one. IRV eliminates the spoiler effect, makes elections cheaper, and allows less well-funded candidates to compete meaningfully. Continue reading

Philly Greens February Meeting Reminder: City Committee elections this week!

Don't forget to come to our next meeting! We'll be electing our 2018 City Committee. As always, this event is wheelchair accessible. See below for current nominees and nominee statements. The nominations for all City Committee offices remain open until the beginning of the election at the February GPOP Meeting. If you would like to nominate yourself for the GPOP City Committee, please send your nomination to current Membership Secretary Chris Robinson (215-843-4256/[email protected]) as soon as possible. Continue reading

Green Party of Missouri Draft Economics Platform

Here is the draft of the Economics Platform of the Green Party of Missouri [MOGP]. It was approved by the MOGP Platform Committee to go to locals for discussion and amendments prior to being discussed at the state-wide meeting. If you would like to share your thoughts, please come to the Green Party of St. Louis Organizing Meeting: 7:00 pm Wednesday, February 21, 2018C.A.M.P. Building3026 Cherokee [at Minnesota] 63118 Best,Don Fitz, for the Green Party of St. Louis Continue reading

Urgent Need for Principled Candidates for 2018!

Boston, MA – Our political system is completely corrupted by big money and insider politics. To change it we need principled candidates, who cannot be bought, with a bold vision and who will offer an alternative to the establishment by advocating for human dignity, environmental justice, diversity, and democracy. If you have ever thought about running for office, this is the year to step forward. The Green-Rainbow Party has issued a call for members willing to run in 2018 for one of four statewide offices: Attorney General, Secretary of the Commonwealth, State Treasurer, or State Auditor. If you are interested to any extent, please contact us immediately by emailing Joshua Gerloff at [email protected]. We will give you more information and help you decide whether to run. We want to get a conversation started with you before February 15, so don't delay. Continue reading

Green Party of Santa Clara February Newsletter

We have arrived at the month of LOVE and our government is sharing no love with the seven countries we continue wage war and occupation in. We are dedicating February to PEACE, one of the four pillars of the Green Party, and we are gearing up for our Divestment Community Forum and many anti-war street rallies for peace. What we need in our world is more peacemongers, so we are getting our community engaged in the PEACE MOVEMENT. Please join us at our events and help put People, Planet and Peace Over Profit. Continue reading

February Newsletter – Convention Details!

January was an active month for the Green Party of Texas. We filed with TX SOS to seek 2018 ballot access. Many Greens across Texas participated in the national Women's March activities including the Harris County Green Party with the Houston Women’s March. Many Greens across the country spoke to our Green vision and platform at Greens speak out on the State of the Union. This series offers good insight into what it means to be Green. The Green Party nationally offered it's response to Trump’s State of the Union. Continue reading

Green Star News and Events from the Green Party of Pennsylvania

15 Elected Greens in PA Office! We had great results for election year 2017. We're gearing up for 2018, including several special elections. If you want to get involved and work with us directly on these efforts, consider volunteering or joining a committee. Continue reading