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Green Party of New York Calls for Single Payer Health Care; Climate Action; A Ban on Plastic Bags; and Mass Transit Funding

The Green Party of New York State announced its four top state legislative priorities for 2018: enact a statewide single payer universal health care program; enact a Green New Deal to promote full employment and accelerate the transition to 100% clean energy; provide $40 billion or more in funding for mass transit in NYC and statewide; and enact a statewide ban on plastic bags. The Party will continue to support a broader legislative agenda, including pushing for campaign finance and political reform, criminal justice reform, immigration (DREAM Act) and equal rights, local government revenue sharing, and affordable housing. Continue reading

Running Black: 21st Century Politics in America featuring Ajamu Baraka

Our keynote speaker for the Green Party of Minnesota launch of the Black and Brown caucus and panel on Running as a Black candidate in todays current political culture will be former Green Party Vice Presidential Ajamu Baraka with our very own Samantha Lee Pree-Stinson as our host! We are so excited to start launching a Green Party Black and Brown Caucus, come learn more! Continue reading

Latinx Caucus is seeking new members

The Latinx Caucus of the Green Party of the United States is seeking all interested Latinx Greens to join our national group so that we can solidify our mission, build a meaningful Green Latinx movement and identify allies. At our annual meeting we elected a steering committee but currently have openings for additional steering committee members. In addition we have established an email list and a Facebook page. Continue reading

Green Party of Virginia State Meeting

The Green Party of Virginia will hold a state meeting on May 13 in Afton, Virginia. The meeting begins at 1:00 pm and ends at 5:00 pm. It will take place n the Rockfish Community Center in the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest. The street is address isĀ 190 Rockfish School Lane, Afton VA 22920. For those wishing to attend remotely, we will be using an online video conferencing service with full two-way audio and video. Information on how to join the meeting remotely will be provided before the meeting. You will need access to broadband internet, a computer, speakers or headphones/earbuds, and a microphone to participate remotely. Continue reading

Green Party of Tampa will march against Monsanto

Do you wonder sometimes if you eat a paprika or strawberry because it taste the same. You buy a tomato plant and cannot grow a new plant from its seeds. Most likely it is a modified organism from Monsanto or Bayer who want you and farmers to buy every year new seeds from them. This is a crime on nature. Bring them to court Continue reading

Arizona General Membership Meeting

The Arizona Green Party (AZGP) invites all registered Green Party voters & guests to attend our next General Membership meeting Lunch will be provided. Please register/RSVP using the Eventbrite link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/arizona-green-party-azgp-general-membership-meeting-tickets-36970735465 Continue reading

Green Party of Virginia Summit Summary

We had a very productive and agreeable meeting on Sunday, and I wanted to give you a quick summary of what was achieved. First, many people requested a link to the video that we began with, on wealth inequality in America. This can be found here: Continue reading

September news from Brooklyn

First, the Green Party of Brooklyn wants to congratulate Jabari Brisport for winning the contested Green primary for City Council District 35. Check out our press release from Friday! And now for some greatĀ Green Party of Brooklyn events Continue reading

Trump 'uses racism as a guiding principle for governing'

Although racism is bedrock of American policy, President Donald Trump wears it openly and "uses racism as a guiding principle for governing and public pronouncements," says Myles Hoenig, an American political analyst and activist. Hoenig, a former Green Party candidate for Congress, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Tuesday on while commenting on the falling approval ratings of both Trump and the Republican Party. Continue reading

Stop the March to War in Korea! Build the Global People's Force for Peace!

Come learn about the hidden background to the crisis in Korea and stop the accelerating threat of nuclear war! With Ramsay Liem, producer of the Memories of Forgotten War documentary, and Jill Stein, Green Party 2016 presidential candidate recently back from South Korea as part of a Solidarity Peace Delegation. Continue reading